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Damien Cuypers



The tagline of your new book is “Methods
for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest
Dreams.” The idea of manifesting can be
polarizing—people are super into it or super-
wary. What do you think people get wrong
about the concept? People don’t realize they’re
already doing it; we’re always doing it. Manifesting is the
practice of aligning your energy with what you desire.
Embody the feeling and belief in your desires, and you
become a magnet for them. When we focus on the
positive, we bring more momentum to what we do want.
It can work against us, though. When we’re stuck in a
negative story, we create more negativity.
It’s the difference between thinking that

nothing ever works out for me and

everything is working out for me.
When you’re in the second mind-set, you’re calmer, happier,
less stressed. And your energy attracts its likeness.

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In her new book, Super
Attractor, GABRIELLE
BERNSTEIN lays out a
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By Mirel Zaman


In the book you talk about doing less to
get more. Can you explain what you mean?
It’s about not trying so hard. Many of us have this idea
of “no pain, no gain.” But if your focus is
“I have to work incredibly hard to
succeed,” you may achieve a significant
amount, but you’ll always burn out.
I’ve learned that you can focus on enjoying life and still
reach your goals. If you shift your mind-set to “How can
I make this fun?” your energy changes. You might
do half the amount of work but have a better impact
because your energy is more positive. Or you might put
in more work, but it feels easier because you’re
taking the action from a happier place.
It sounds easy, but in practice it can be hard
to stay positive when you’re stressed or
feeling stuck. Any tips? I do this thing called
choosing again. I’ll ask myself, What’s the best
thought I can find right now? For example, I was
recently diagnosed with postpartum anxiety.
I could go straight into victim mode, thinking, Life sucks;
things are bad. Or I can think, I caught it early.
I have so much support. I can speak about this and
help other people. I reach for any thought that’s slightly
more positive that I can believe, and I run with it.


Is there a mistake people often make
when they start manifesting?
It’s really hard to stop trying so hard.
People can fall into this trap of what I call manic
manifesting, when you’re obsessing over meditating
on your vision every second of every day. Your energy
is frantic. It’s backed by fear and uncertainty.
“I’m going to manifest so hard!” Right. If you’re
falling into that trap, sometimes what you need
to do is nothing. Stop thinking about it altogether, and
think about anything else in your life. Focus on the good.

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