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_ 1 Sinaiattack:The IslamicState’s
Egyptian affiliate on Tuesday
claimed anattack on a security
checkpoint in the SinaiPeninsula
the day before that killedat least
eight people.The group,which has
carried out scores ofattacks mainly
targeting Egyptian security forces
since the 2013 militaryoverthrow of
an elected Islamist president, posted
the claim on a militantwebsite.The
government says there are around
25,000 Egyptian troops operating in
Sinai,which has seen more than a
decade of militant violence.

_ 2 Impeachment trial:Disgraced
SouthKorean PresidentParkGeun-
hye’s longtime friendat the center of
a massive corruption scandal re-
fused to testifyat Park’s impeach-
ment trial on Tuesday, with law-
makers alleging thatit was a stall-
ing tactic.The Constitutional Court
had expected to hear from Choi
Soon-sil, a confidante ofPark who’s
jailed and on trial herself for alleg-
edly using her connections with the
president to extort money andfa-
vors from companies and unlawful-
ly interfere withgovernment affairs.
But Choisubmitteddocuments to
the court sayingshe was unable to

_ 3 Norway massmur-
derer:Norwegian mass
murderer Anders Beh-
ring Breivik made a
Nazi salute as he
walked into a court-
roomat a hig h-security
prisonwhere judges on
Tuesday began review-
ing aruling that his
solitary confinement is
inhumane.The 37 -year-
old right-wing extrem-
ist, who killed 77 people
in a bomb andshooting
rampage in 2011,sued
the government last
year. He argued that his
solitary confinement,
frequentstrip searches
and thefact that hewas
often handcuffeddur-
ing the early part of his
incarceration violated
his human rights. The
government has reject-
ed his complaints, say-
ing that he is treated
humanelydespite the
severity of his crimes
and that hemustbe
separated from other
inmates for safety rea-

_ 4 Mexico won’t pa y:Mexico’s new foreign
relations secretary says the country isn’t just
willing to negotiatechanges to theNorth Amer-
ican Free Trade Agreement,it wants negotia-
tions as soon as possible.Luis Videgaray says
there’s “e normous uncertainty” following the
U.S. election of DonaldTrump as president.
Trump has pressured companies not to move
jobs toMexico,warned hewould tax thosewho
do and vows to renegotiateNAFTA. Videgaray
said Tuesday thatTrump’sactions have caused
concern,adding “that iswhy this (negotiation)
process is so important, to dispel this uncer-
tainty.”He said talksshould start “as soon as
possible.”He said Mexico is willing to negotiate
over Trump’s plan to build a borderwall. But
Videgaray saidMexico won’t pay for thewall,
calling that “unacceptable.”

_ 5 Presidential plagiarism:Ghana’s new pres-
ident isfacing criticism after passages in his
inauguration speechappeared to be lifted from
speeches given by American leaders, an embar-
rassment for a country that long has been
praised as one of Africa’sstrongestdemocracies.
PresidentNana Akufo-Addo took the oath of
office Saturday after hewon election on his third
bid for the presidency. One line in his speech is
nearly identical to a phrase usedby former Pres-
ident Bill Clinton in his1993 inauguraladdress.
Another phrase in Akufo-Addo’s speech is al-
most the same as one in the inaugural speech
given by former President George W. Bushin
2001.The Ghanaian presidency refused to com-
ment Tuesday on the similarities thatwent viral
on social media after the inauguration.
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Year 152•Volume 361
© 2017SanFranciscoChronicle

KABUL —Two lar ge
bombs — one triggered
by a suicideattacker —
exploded neargovern-
ment offices Tuesday,
killingat least 38 people
and woundingdozens of
others in thedead liest
Taliban violence inKabul
in months.
In southern Afghani-
stan, anotherattack at a
guesthouse belonging to
the governor ofKanda-
har province killed five
people andwounded 12.
An ambassador from the
United Arab Emirates
and otherUAE diplomats
were among thewound-
ed, authorities said.
The Kabul suicide
bomberstruck about 4
p.m. asworkers were
leaving a compound of
government and leg-
islati ve offices, saidInte-
rior Ministry spokesman
Sediq Sediqqi.The sec-
ond bomb, which was
planted in a car, exploded
minutes later after secu-
rity forces hadrushed in
to help the victims, he
The Taliban,who ha ve
beenwaging a 15-year

war against theU.S.-
backed government,
claimed theattack in the
The 38 deadincluded
civilians and military
personnel, and another
72 peoplewere wounded,
said PublicHealth Min-
istry officialMohibullah
Among thewounded
was RahimaJami, a
member of parliament
fromHerat province in
western Afghanistan,
said another lawmaker
from the province,Ghu-
lam Faroq Naziri.
It appeared to be the
dead liest attack in Kabul
sinceJuly, when two
suicide bombersstruck
during ademonstration
held by Hazaras, aShiite
Muslim ethnic group,
killing 80 people.That
attack was claimedby a
local affiliate of the Is-
Fighting in Afghani-
stan tends to taper off
during the winter,when
mountainsupply routes
usedby the insurgents
are impassable.
PresidentAshraf Gha-
ni strongly condemned
the Kabul bombings in a

statement from the presi-
dential palace.
said the bombings in-
dicate that “theTaliban
are pressing ahead with a
gruesome campaign of
violence that makes no
effort to spare civilian
“Targeting first re-
sponders in a car bomb
that killed many people
that were on thestreet
shows a chilling con-
tempt forhuman life,”
said ChampaPatel, Am-
SouthAsia director.
In the Kandaharat-
tack, two explosions
inside thegovernor’s
compound killed five
people andwounded 12,
including several officials
and theUnited Arab
Emirates diplomats,
authorities said.
Among thewounded
was Go v. Homayun Azi-
zi, his spokesman said.
The spokesman, Samim
Khpolwak,who alsowas
slightly wounded, saidit
was notyet clear what
caused the blasts.

Rahim Faiez is an
Associated Press writer.


Twin bombings in Kabul

kill 38, wound dozens

By RaŒimaieô

TEHRAN —Hundreds of
thousands mourned former
Iranian President Akbar
Hashemi Rafsanjani on Tues-
day, wailing in grief as his
bodywas interredat a Tehran
shrine alongside the leader of
the country’s1979 Islamic
Rafsanjani’s final resting
place near the late supreme
leader, AyatollahRuhollah
Khomeini, reflected his legacy
as one of the pillars ofIran’s
clerical-dominated political
system, as he served in later
years as ago-between for
hard-liners and reformists.
But even his hours-long
funeral highlighted the divi-
sionsstill at play. Parts of the
crowd along his funeral pro-
cessionat one pointchanted in
support of opposition leaders
under house arrest. Other
politicians did notattend the
Throngs filled main thor-

oughfares of the capital, with
manychanting, beating their
chests andwailing in thestyle
of mourning common among
Shiite Muslims.
The funeral for Rafsanjani,
who died Sundayat age 82
after a heartattack, drew both
the elite and ordinary people.
Shops and schoolswere closed
in national mourning.
Top government andclerical
officials first held a funeral
serviceat TehranUniversity.
Iran’s SupremeLeader Ayatol-
lah Ali Khamenei prayed by
Rafsanjani’s casket, as other
dignitaries knelt before the
coffin onwhich hiswhite
cleric’s turbanwas placed.
Mourners reached out their
hands toward the coffin.
Just behind Khameneiwas
PresidentHassan Rouhani,
whose moderateadministra-
tion reached the recentnucl e-
ar deal withworld po wers.
Rouhani,who is all but certain
to run for re-election inMay,
is viewed as embodying Raf-
sanjani’s realist vision.

Hard-liners also took part
in the ceremony Tuesday, like
the head ofIran’s judiciary,
Sadeq Larijani,who stood
near his moderate brother,
parliament speaker Ali Larija-
Also among themwas Qas-
sem Soleimani, ageneralwho
heads theRevolutionary
Guard’s elite QudsForce,
which focuses on foreign oper-
ations like thewar in Syria.
Both Soleimani and Raf-
sanjani are fromIran’s south-

eastern province ofKerman
and worked togetherduring
the war withIraq in the1980s.
“In my opinion,Mr. Hashe-
mi remained the same person
from the beginning until the
end and held his line in all
stag es of his life,” Soleimani
told state television in a rare
public interview. “Neverthe-
less, Mr. Hashemi sometimes
used different tactics.”
Apparently banned from
the funeralwas formerIrani-
an PresidentMohammad Kha-

tami, a reformistwho remains
popular among theyoung but
is deeply dislikedby hard-
liners.State media have
banned the broadcasting of
any images of Khatami.
There was also noword of
hard-line former President
Mahmoud Ahmadinejadat-
tending the ceremony, though
he offered condolencesMon-

Nasser Karimi andJon Gambrell
are Associated Press writers.


Former leader’s

funeral draws

massive crowds

MajidSaeedi / GettyImages
Mourners accompanythe cas ket bearingthe body offormerIranian President AkbarHashemi
Rafsanjanii, a pivotal figure in the foundation ofthe Islamicrepublic in.

By "asser arimi
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