Cycling Weekly — February 08, 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1

Johnny Helms was Cycling Weekly’s resident cartoonist from February 1946 until November 2009.

HEDs up
The column by Dr Hutch regarding
throwing stuff away reminded
me of my wheels last spring. As
I embarked on a comeback season into
time trialling, I set up my bike and carefully
prepared my treasured HED wheels, a
front Jet and rear Deep. These wheels had
carried me to my lifetime personal bests so
I had high hopes for a successful comeback!
However, as I was fi tting the front wheel
I noticed that the fl ange had a large split
where a spoke inserted.
Bearing in mind that my lay-off was
due to severe injuries, I decided that a
collapsing front wheel even at my modest
speed could be painful and worse still, be
embarrassing. Therefore I had no choice
but to purchase a new set of aerodynamic
wheels (although this did make my wife
question the cost and she asked whether
I would be travelling fast enough for
aerodynamics to be signifi cant). I have
considered returning the wheels to HED
and to ask for a refund because, after all,
I only bought them in 1993! If anyone
at HED happens to read this, then your
comments would be appreciated!
Julian Earl,email

Gods and men
We sometimes forget the huge
gap between a professional road
cyclist and a weekend plodder. It
was brought home to me at the
weekend while driving through
Calpe in southern Spain. I saw
some of the Quick Step team
sweep into town after a training
session in the hills, followed by
their support car. They were
princes of the road: youthful,

long of limb and carefree — their team
Lycra majestic in the late afternoon sun.
On my odd weekend rides, I am a
donkey in comparison, a mere spectator.
But while they sit on Mount Olympus, we
can touch them, just. We share similar kit,
ride similar bikes, share similar agony and
above all, we can ride in their arena — the
open road. It’s what makes road cycling
great and the reason we do it.
Neil Martin, email

Motoring attitudes
I’ve had some time to sit and ponder after
a recent road traffi c collision between
myself and a skip lorry, resulting in me
losing my right leg, why the British car/
lorry driver has such a bad attitude
towards us cyclists. Firstly there are the
idiots (cyclists) who seem to think red
lights, wearing bright colours, not jumping
between pavement and road, and using
lights that work don’t apply to them.
Secondly, the negative attitude is being
drummed into the new generation of
young drivers from the outset of their
driving career, as I found out this evening.
My wife and I had bought my
17-year-old son a block of driving
lessons for his Christmas present.
On his fi rst lesson the instructor
actually bad-mouthed cyclists
as “Lycra-clad people” (I can’t
use his exact words)! So, it’s no
wonder why there seems to be
so much angst between us road
users. As you can imagine, my
son dropped this instructor after
seeing the result of a driver not
being aware of other road users,
i.e. me!
Nigel Hampshire, email


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