10 Most Poisonous Mushroom

(Tony) #1

These funky looking Japanese fungi shout “Don’t eat me”!
Well to me anyway. Obviously not to the folk of Japan though.
I suppose they are already slightly fatalistic about their food,
expecting to die every time they have a bit of puffer fish. Ap-
parently this fungus looks like young Ganoderma lucidum and
is only eaten in error though.

The main toxins in these fungi are trichothecene mycotox-
ins which have particularly unpleasant effects and may cause
death within a matter of days. The symptoms are system wide
and can affect all organs, primarily liver, kidneys and brain.
There is also a depletion of blood cells, peeling of skin off the
face and hair loss making it look like the victim is suffering
from radiation poisoning (or leukemia).

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