Astronomy - June 2015

(Jacob Rumans) #1

  1. Creation and Evolution

  2. A World-Affirming Spirituality

  3. The Cosmic Christ

  4. The Eucharist

  5. Personalization

  6. Christ and the Universe

A Retreat with

Teilhard de Chardin

Presented by
Rev. Donald Goergen, O.P., Ph.D.

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resented by gifted professor, author, and retreat leader
Rev. Donald Goergen, this 6-conference series will
capture your scientific and spiritual imagination. These
powerful conferences are life-changing.

Trained as a paleontologist and ordained as a Jesuit priest,
Teilhard was one of the most influential writers of the twenti-
eth century. His cosmic and evolutionary thought continues
to enthrall men and women around the world. Seamlessly
weaving together science with theology, he unveiled a power-
ful vision of the universe. By listening to Rev. Goergen’s
conferences on Teilhard, you will explore how we are all
called to grow spiritually. Whatever your own calling in life is,
Teilhard’s profound wisdom will speak to you.

Teilhard’s mystical vision of the world was both universal and
deeply personal. Rev. Goergen’s moving retreat will lead you
to discover how this vision can guide your personal growth
today. Let Teilhard accompany you and offer wise guidance in
your journey.

This program was originally part of Rev. Goergen’s A Retreat with
Four Spiritual Masters.

Experience the Towering


of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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A Retreat with
Teilhard de Chardin
6 Conferences (25 minutes/conference)
+ electronic retreat guide


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