Aviation Archive Issue 25 - 2016 UK

(Jacob Rumans) #1


Above: Flying low over the English countryside
and wearing RAF markings, the performance of a
captured Bf 110 is evaluated.

Above left: Photographed over the gently
undulating sand dunes of the Western Desert,
this aircraft of ZG 26 is a Bf 110C-4, the first of
the breed to offer its crew the benefit of some
armour protection.

Right: The Bf 110 reinvented itself as a night
fighter, a role that suited its deadly talents,
guided by the aerial array of the FuG 202
Lichtenstein BC radar fitted to the nose of the
Bf 110G-4/R1.

Below: Stripped of their armament, a pair of
captured Bf 110s carrying the distinctive ‘wasp’
nose art of ZG 1 sit disconsolately on a dump.

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