AeroModeller – June 2018

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Power Trip

8 AeroModeller - June 2018

Maris Dislers reviews the last of the line for this venerable marque

Sturdy air-cooled version of the E.D. Super
Hunter shows its water-cooled heritage.
Delivers considerably more power than the
original E.D. Hunter, but generally retains its
pleasant handling qualities.


he Editor summed it up nicely in his
brief note that came with the E.D. Super
Hunter, saying “It was a bit like time
travelling buying this new!” Because it
came from a retail outlet, not someone’s
collection or a “barn fi nd”. Genuine new old stock,
in its sturdy plain cardboard box with simple label on
the front. Yellowed tissue paper packing, period ED
instruction sheet and that little card marked with the
running needle and compression vernier settings. Ah,
and that smell of lay-up oil, as evocative as the print
and paper aroma inside an old book, or the enticing
smell of balsa wood in a traditional model kit. A
real live piece of history ready to wake, like Rip Van
Winkle after 43 years.
Well not quite that long, as the Super Hunter was
originally a water-cooled engine design and Alan
Greenfi eld only converted some to aero specifi cation
quite recently. And who better, because he was
responsible for the original Super Hunter revamp back
in 1972, as E.D.’s designer. Alan left soon afterwards
to establish Weston UK, but also took over the E.D.

E.D. Super

Hunter RC Diesel

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