Marie Claire Australia - 01.05.2018

(Ben Green) #1 47

“I will do anything I can to take
a stand against cancer”

“Unfortunately we live in a world where
everybody has been touched by cancer.
It’s a very close issue to me because of
my mum, Jacqui [who passed away
in 2014 after a short battle with an
aggressive cancer]. Cancer is a horri-
ble disease, but the fact that there’s no
early detection test for ovarian cancer
is scary. That’s why I’m going to keep
using my voice and being a part of
these campaigns.
“What I learnt from my mum’s
experience with cancer is that you need
to appreciate the people you have in
your life – which you often don’t until
they’re gone. Tell your family you love
them and give them a hug, because you
might not be able to one day.”

“I need to help my fellow women”

“I went to a very powerful lunch hosted by the OCRF where
I heard firsthand stories from women afected by ovarian
cancer. One of the women was in her early 30s, she had two
small children and her whole life in front of her and bang!
The diagnosis came out of nowhere. She hadn’t done anything
w rong, it was just thrust upon her. That’s why it’s so impor tant
we find an early detection test.”

If detected and
treated early,
survival rates
increase to
more than

90 %

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