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This multi-room/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
speaker marries its modern app-based
controls with a classic sound, making it a
true all-rounder. Here, Duncan Haskell
puts it through its paces...

know that Tibo are a company
that can be trusted when it
comes to wireless speakers. Their new
Sphere 4 is a portable multi-play speaker
which continues the company’s solid run.
Designed and engineered in the UK, it is a
stylish and user-friendly unit which can be
connected via LAN, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
At 50 Watts, this is the middle range of
the current Sphere family, with the Sphere
2 offering 30W and the Sphere 6 packing
What helps the Sphere 4 truly stand
out is its exceptional functionality. The
initial setup and majority of the settings are



controlled via the Tibo app. Thankfully,
it’s easy enough to get to grips with and it
won’t be long before you’re accessing all
the available methods of playback. Using
the app, it’s quick to pair with the music
stored on your device, Spotify and other
streaming services such as Napster/TIDAL.
One of the most enjoyable features is
the option to listen directly to internet
radio. The app comes with a pleasingly
efficient search device which proved adept
at detecting mainstream, independent and
local stations alike. There are five pre-sets
for storing your favourites (if we’re being
picky then we would like a few more, as it’s
hard to settle on just a quintet of choices).

There are plenty of other little treats here
too. From the slightly angled based to the
leather handle, it’s been constructed with
both design and listenability in mind.
When fully charged, the built-in lithium
battery allows a minimum of eight hours
playback, making the Sphere 4 a genuine
option as a portable device. For those that
prefer to listen in the comfort of their own
home but would like a beefier system, the
speakers can also be linked with up to 15

other devices using the app’s multi-room
Luckily though, it’s not necessary to own
a multitude of different speakers as the
Sphere 4 packs a solid enough punch all on
its own. Even when playing notoriously
iffy internet radio stations, it’s capable of
a sound quality that you’d expect from a
far pricier device, such as the Naim Muso
Qb. There’s not too much more you could


Simple efficiency married with
quality playback


Dimensions: HxWxD – 150x275x180mm
Speaker: 50W RMS, 19mm Tweeter,
114mm Woofer
Frequency sensitivity: 50-20000Hz,
4 ohms, -12 dB
Output: USB output for charging
Input: LAN, 3.5mm Line in
Price: €249.99
Free download pdf