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Better Boater

7 Life Hacks

  1. Flip-flop Organizer
    Trying to walk anywhere on your boat is
    impossible with flip-flops flung all over the floor.
    But tucking them away in storage means they
    aren’t easily accessible when you need them. To
    keep shoes out of the way but easy to reach, all
    you need is a bungee cord.
    Wrap a bungee cord around your boat cooler;
    make sure the cord is tight but not about to snap
    off. Then, simply slide the shoes in between your
    cooler and the bungee cord for quick, easy storage.
    If you don’t have a bungee cord on board, maybe
    you have an extra over-the-door shoe organizer sitting
    at home. This will also work to keep shoes off the deck
    and in a safe place.
    2. Caddy

Dump the shampoo and conditioner out of your shower
caddy and bring it on board for another great storage hack.
Bathroom caddies fit all your sunglasses, beverages, sunblock and other
personal items you need on hand while out on your boat.
Mount the caddy an arm’s length away — either vertically or on a flat
surface — to keep the items you need close and all in the same place.

  1. Cooler Pad
    At fast speeds and bumpy turns, coolers tend to go flying
    across the floor, sometimes spilling their contents onto your
    deck. With a damp towel, which you probably already
    have on board, you can solve this problem.
    Dip your towel overboard and ring it out, then fold it into roughly the size of your cooler.
    Place the towel underneath and it will stay put.
    Although boating can be lot of work, the reward is well worth it. Make your days on the lake
    more enjoyable with these boater-approved life hacks.

  2. White Vinegar Kills Mold
    Killing musty, moldy spots on fabric requires a heavy-duty cleaner, but these cleaners
    can be expensive. Before you buy the pricey solution, try white vinegar instead. White
    vinegar costs less than bleach and doesn’t emit the toxic fumes.
    For clean carpets, vacuum them beforehand to remove any loose dirt. Soak the carpet

From oil changes and propeller checkups, to protecting
your gel coat and washing away mold, maintaining a
boat can be a lot of work. Even with all that work, boaters
know it’s well worth the effort when they’re cruising with
a tube in tow, catching a giant bass or just spending time
on the water.

The stress of the week seems to melt away out on the
water, but when your boat is a mess and you can’t find
what you need, the day can become a little hectic. Here
are a few life hacks that anyone can use for a relaxing
day on the lake.

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