Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine – February 2019

(C. Jardin) #1


Where’s The Paddle?

As soon as you find the paddle, email your name, hometown,
and its location to paddle@pdbmagazine.com. Paddle on!



From The Bow |

No Wake Zone

Sea Ray Celebrates 60
This year marks the 60th  anniversary of Sea Ray at the helm of defining the boating lifestyle.  Sea
Ray attributes its lasting popularity and evolution of industry-leading product to the achievements of its
dedicated team.
“We have a bold vision for the future, which touches all facets of our operations, and a relentless
dedication to be the best — all supported by investment in technology, capacity and people,” says Brad
Anderson, Sea Ray president and general manager.  “As a leader in this organization, I can’t tell you how
excited I am heading into our 60th  year knowing the bright future ahead of us, and that is grounded by
our strong heritage and the confidence I have in our organization.” 865-637-3960 | http://www.searay.com

“There is no better way to end
the boating season than to take a
650-mile, three-day ride with three of
your closest friends on a pontoon
boat.”—Page 18

“Some labels are worth holding
onto as tightly as you can, like the
word ‘comfort,’ which has become a
staple when describing Bennington
pontoons.”—Page 36

“Just a short decade ago, stern
drives were the market leaders. Not
anymore. The market has seemingly
overcome the old, ‘tall and handsome
but ugly on the transom’ stigma of
outboards.”—Page 48

A paddle is hiding inside each issue
of PDB and the names of the first ten
readers to find it are printed in an
upcoming magazine! In our January
Buyer’s Guide it was a little more
challenging than normal. The paddle is
on page 28 in the right hand corner on
the floor of the boat. Here are the only
readers who spotted it:

Dan Criner, Richmond, Va.
Ken Braun, Hartford, Wis.
Gary Rengers, Chaska, Minn.
Vince Gruner, Mesa, Ariz.
Brandi Latham, Detroit Lakes, Minn.
Jon Poulson, Atwood Lake, Ohio

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