4WD Touring Australia – June 2018

(Ben Green) #1



The Track: The only real 4WDing necessary
to access the hut is the trail leading up from
the Circuit Road, known as Clear Hill Track.
The track is as narrow as it is steep, although
not particularly heavy going in dry condi-
tions. The biggest challenge on this route
is negotiating other vehicles, especially on
long weekends and school holidays.
The Hut: No hut is more iconic than this
oft-photographed landmark, which sits
astride Mount Stirling. Originally constructed
as a set for The Man From Snowy River lm,
it was opened up to visitors in the early 90s.
Free camping is available at the Craigs Hut
campground with 20 sites available on a
rst in best-dressed basis.


This is all about iconography, of pairing red-letter offroad drives with
the huts that look over each of them like sentinels. Of course, on many
occasions these huts also have adjacent campgrounds to post up for
the night.



The Track: We checked in with Shannon
Peters from the Victorian High Country
Huts Association to get the lowdown on
the driving near Moscow Villa: “Bentley
Plain Road is almost an all-weather road,
but if you’re planning a trip in the winter,
be prepared to put chains on. This place
sees a lot of snow over the cooler months
and there are still great 4WD tracks to be
found even when the gates are closed, so

whether it’s a hard winch slog up South
Escarpment Track in the snow, or tackling
mud on the lower slopes this place has
something for everyone.”
The Hut: The writing is on the wall at this
place, and it’s been here since wayward
travellers rst started posting up here in
the 1940s. That writing happens to be in
the form of charcoal and Nikko pen saluta-
tions across the walls, much of it done by
relight. Of course, there’s an adjacent
campground to return to after warming
your cockles by the hut’s replace.


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