4WD Touring Australia – June 2018

(Ben Green) #1

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Pack it, load it, stow it, store it.
These are the best storage solutions in the game.

By the time you’ve got the fourby loaded with tents, swags, recovery kits, spare parts, tools and the
kitchen sink, it can quickly start to feel like a hopeless game of Tetris.
The fact of the matter is there’s barely enough cargo room built into even the biggest 4WDs for
long range touring, and if you’re travelling with a big family the matter is only compounded.
A quality set of storage drawers is the first step to one-upping your packing game. While they may
not buy extra space, the built-in efficiency and tidiness is worth volumes.
The next step is to take advantage of rooftop storage with a sturdy tray or set of racks. Weigh up
what you’re likely to store up top and look into mountable fittings for additional efficiency and peace
of mind.
The range of nifty storage gadgets like fridge slides and fold out kitchens on the market these
days is truly remarkable. We dove headfirst into the trove of aftermarket storage accessories while
researching this story, and were duly impressed.



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