Australian Business & Money Making Opportunities — May-June-July 2017

(Ben Green) #1

stock, the software automatically goes to
eBay and makes your listing on eBay out
of stock so nobody can buy it.
This is all fully automatic.
Only a few short years ago this simply
was not possible.
So, how to get started from scratch on
Most full-time eBay
sellers including myself
and my wife Nicole
started by selling used
items lying around the
house. As much as this
can be a pain and some
people will feel it is
below them, it’s a terrific way of gaining
valuable experience.
Like with everything, there is no better
way of gaining experience than by getting
your own hands dirty and learn by doing.
When you’re starting from scratch,
you also need to get your eBay feedback
score up to at least 25.
The feedback score is very important
for buyers. Buyers don’t like to purchase
from sellers who have never sold anything
on eBay before just like many people will
avoid a restaurant which is empty and pre-
fer to go to the one next door which has for
example 25 people in it.

Before starting to sell professionally
on eBay you need to get your feedback
score up to around 25 and selling used
items is a great way to do this.
Now another important way of getting
your feedback score up, is to start chang-
ing your buying habits and start purchas-
ing items on
eBay instead of
driving to your
local mall. I
don’t mean pur-
chasing things
on eBay that you
weren’t going to
purchase any-
way. Start buying things that you’re going
to need in everyday life, that you would
previously have bought from a physical
Things like printer cartridges, paper,
birthday presents, a new drill bit, lego for
the kids or even a spare pair of reading
glasses. My wife buys medicinal herbs that
she needs, essential oils and all those
things she likes to dabble in from eBay as
Purchasing items from eBay is great
experience if you want to build a full-time
eBay business and it also builds up your
feedback score as approximately 40% of

buyers and sellers will leave you feedback.
After your feedback score has moved
up to around 25 you’re no longer starting
from scratch, you can now start selling as
a business if you wish.
If you enjoyed selling the used items
lying around your house, you can start
sourcing used items from places like
garages sales, clean-up campaigns, thrift
stores, car boot sales, badly listed items on
eBay, buy swap sell sites, deceased estates
If you find sourcing used items and
listing used items to be too labour-inten-
sive and prefer to build a business which is
more automated, consider either drop ship-
ping new items or importing new items.
To your success.

16 • Australian Opportunities Magazine • M/J/J 2017 •

Neil Waterhouse is an eBay Multi-Million
dollar seller and the author of best
seller “Million Dollar eBay Business From
Home - A Step By Step Guide”. As well
Neil is the founder and host of the four
largest eBay and Amazon Meetup Groups
in Australia. For more information, see:


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