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any people ask me what’s
the difference between
becoming an affiliate or a
reseller? What’s the simple
answer? Let’s say there is a
resellers and an affiliate, they both
sell the same digital service for
XYZCO; however, there are sig-
nificant differences between each
person’s agreement.


A reseller creates a reseller account
with XYZCO, and then solicits (nicely) for
customers to sign up under it for products
or services. The reseller can sometimes
provide the technical support for his or her
customers and in some cases manages the
billing directly with his/her clients then the
order is fulfilled by the reseller company.
Many companies offer while label
solutions and ever customer support can be
included to look like your service. With
digital products, you get paid by your
clients $xxx.xx amount then your reseller
fulfils the order charging you your whole-
sale reseller rate $xx.xx so you make the
difference on each order. Customers deal
with the reseller directly, and resellers may
set their prices at any level they choose.


An affiliate is strictly an evangelist for
our service. He or she refers customers or
traffic to XYZCO, where they open their
own accounts with the affiliate’s special
code to let us know who referred them.
Affiliates are paid on commission by
XYZCO and the current rate is an ongoing
percentage of referred sales.

Many affiliate programs pay a one-
time commission; however, companies
like - Send Press
Releases affiliate program offer a free pro-
gram to sign up and you get paid forever
on any of your referred clients allowing
you to build a real affiliate business with
digital products that sell.
There are pros and cons to each type of
account, and which is right for you will
depend upon how much time you would
like to invest.


Getting started as a reseller is very
easy and can be done within a few min-

utes. I would recommend taking some
time and do a little research on the type of
monetisation terms each reseller program
offers. Many key points for both reseller
and affiliate can be the same and really
come down to your potential profit and
success with the individual program.
How long does the software track
client visitor cookies? Most reseller soft-
ware will have a tracking cooking so if you
refer someone using a referral tracking
link, it will keep a record if they then pur-
chase for up to 30/60/90 days and some-
times longer. Many people take time to get
started and execute an order so this defi-
antly is a very important factor.
Many reseller programs will pay you
for your first referral that orders but then
the terms might change. Ideally you would
like to get paid on that client whenever
they order.
Simply said, read the terms a reseller
provides you and see if they are fair and
profitable. There are many types of
reseller businesses that you could start so
first you need to identify which type of
reseller business model is right for you.
Maybe the overall key factor is reselling
something you have an interest or passion
in? Choosing a reseller for the profit isn’t
always a bad idea either!


Minimum payment threshold, this can
be the amount you must generate before a
payment will be released to you for your
affiliate marketing efforts. The payment

What’s The

Difference Between

A Reseller Program

And Affiliate


by Rodney Gray

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