Chat It’s Fate — August 2017

(Brent) #1

that day

a lesson

I learnt




to think

help others

Now I

for change

was a catalyst

The yoga

Feeling trapped:
New thinking

Guiding voice:
Mystic Osho

As told to Danielle Wrate Chat it’s fate 7

True life: Saving the day


fter intensive therapy a
few years ago I booked
a trip to India.
The Osho International
Meditation Resort is in Pune, and
I felt a deep connection with
Osho, the late mystic, guru and
spiritual teacher whose ashram had evolved into the resort.
But the festering frustration I’d been feeling back in Denmark
soon came back. In my room was a large picture of Osho, and
one night I lay down in front of it and declared, ‘I give up. Please
take me, take everything. There is nothing I wish to hold onto’.
After a period of silence, I sensed a male presence and felt a
hand brush along my spine, which left me feeling deeply relaxed.
‘You are not your emotions,’ a voice inside my head said.
It was as if a switch had been flipped inside me, as I began to
shed the attachments I’d formed to my feelings.
Back home, I took up regular meditation and now make time
to sit in silence and let in the calm that Osho helped me find.


fter a couple
of very nasty
experiences on
the Underground,
including one where
a man tried to grab me,
I dropped out of my business
management course in
London and
went back to my hometown in Wales.
I began experiencing panic attacks
whenever I had to leave the house, found it
easier to lock myself away amid familiar
surroundings. I was 19 and felt
completely alone, suffocated and
trapped. I’d ask Why me?, and
throw myself a massive pity party.
Then I started seeing the
same ad for a yoga class. I saw
it on Facebook, on a doctor’s
noticeboard, even overheard
other people talking about it.
Could this be a sign?
It took four more months for
me to pluck up the courage to
take a taster class, and a friend
came with me for moral support. It
was hard to step onto the mat in a
room full of strangers, but that
one act was a catalyst for change.
I started practising yoga
regularly, and attracted
spiritual healers who were
able to open my mind to
new possibilities. Before
long, I returned to
university to complete my
studies. Seven years on, I’m
a trained yoga teacher and
also work as Reiki and
Theta healer.
I’m helping others to beat the
negative thought patterns that
once threatened to destroy me.
l For more information about
Vickie’s yoga teaching, visit


ear gripped me as
I boarded the plane in
Malaga, Spain, with my
daughter Grace, mum
Sue and stepdad Maurice.
The holiday had been glorious, but I couldn’t forget
how my spiritual advisor had hinted for me not to go on
the trip. I’d had a terrible dream, too, just knew that
something bad would happen.
As we took off, I prayed for our safety. Just then,
the plane slammed back down to earth and
dramatically swerved on the runway. Passengers
around me screamed in terror, and when we’d come
to a stop, the pilot made an announcement.
‘Another plane was coming into land directly in
our path,’ he explained.
His quick thinking had saved the day, but
I also knew that the plane had swerved at
the exact moment I was saying my prayer.
I was glad that the warning had led to
me taking precautions, but I learnt my
lesson that day and vowed never to
ignore one again.

Radin, 42,

Say a little prayer

Williams, 27,
from London

Ad campaign

Ashika, 40,

Flip the switch


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