Chat It’s Fate — August 2017

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Compiled by Glenda May Richards Chat it’s fate 9

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on’t fancy spending your spare cash on
meat-scented soaps or a cat erotica
calendar (actual crowdfunding projects)? Then
maybe you can help end the ET Truth Embargo...
‘The world should not have to wait one more day for
confirmation we are not alone in this universe,’ says
Stephen Bassett, who’s spearheading the
crowdfunding on behalf of the Paradigm
Research Group. Bassett is director of PRG,
whose aim is disclosure – the formal
acknowledgment from the US president that
aliens have visited our planet for some time.
PRG had hopes for Hillary, as she’d hinted
at disclosure, but now wants funds to
ensure Trump stumps up. Bassett needs
at least $50,000 to put pressure on the
Pentagon – the money will pay for a
top PR person who will lobby from a new office in
Washington and through a revamped PRG website.
‘It’s no longer about lights in the sky, it’s about
lies on the ground,’ states its current website.
After 70 years of alleged government fibs,
Bassett is banking on fellow citizens
to unearth the truth about

Banking on justice




row a fortnight’s supply of
alfalfa sprouts, fill the petrol
tank and stock up on scrips –
alternatives to hard cash.
A nuclear war checklist? No, these
are instructions for The Event. This is
the moment of the Compression
Breakthrough when massive solar
waves from the Galactic Central Sun
(located in the Sagittarius constellation)
will permeate the planet and raise the
spiritual frequency of all humanity.
According to the New Society Network,
Earth’s inhabitants have been quarantined in
a black hole for 25,000 years, imprisoned by


othman is
alive and
well and living in
Tucson, Arizona.
Which is odd,
because he’s
from West
A photo of the
winged creature

  • half-man,
    half-bird – was
    uploaded to
    Facebook by Tucson resident Richard
    Christianson earlier this year and has been shared
    thousands of times. But Mothman became linked
    to the 1967 Silver Bridge collapse in Point
    Pleasant, West Virginia, where 46 people died.
    In The Mothman Prophecies, author John Keel
    said Mothman was a supernatural demon that was a
    predictor of the bridge tragedy. Now he’s reappeared,
    people say it’s a sign of the end of times. Others say it’s
    a palm tree. Christianson hasn’t offered any clues about
    the photo’s origins and is fed up with the whole thing. He’s
    probably not going to Point Pleasant’s 16th Annual Mothman^
    Festival this September... so will miss out on the Mothman hayride.^

the dark side, or The Cabal. But we are
about to break free; the last planet in the
galaxy to be liberated. Although it
doesn’t yet have a date for The Event,
the network has created the Prepare
For Change website as it believes it will
be soon. When it happens, the world’s
entire financial system will be shut
down, to be replaced by a fairer system,
bringing prosperity to all.
However, during this reset, which
may take up to 15 days, money in
banks will not be accessible, so the
network advises people to stockpile
a few silver coins. After that, every
debt will be void, as all the
bankers – yes, they are The
Cabal – will be in jail.
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