Boating — December 2018

(Brent) #1


SPEED EFFICIENCY OPERATIONnaut. stat. n. mi. s. mi. sound
rpm knots mph gph mpg mpg range range angle level
1000 6.43 7.40 1.10 5.85 6.73 210 242 0 85
1500 7.91 9.10 2.10 3.77 4.33 136 156 0 86
2000 12.34 14.20 3.50 3.53 4.06 127 146 5 91
2500 20.86 24.00 4.60 4.53 5.22 163 188 5 100
3000 25.81 29.70 6.10 4.23 4.87 152 175 3 99
3500 30.24 34.80 8.30 3.64 4.19 131 151 2 106
4000 33.11 38.10 10.20 3.25 3.74 117 134 2 109
4500 36.93 42.50 14.10 2.62 3.01 94 109 1 106
5000 39.28 45.20 20.50 1.92 2.20 69 79 1 106

High Points
XComes in both traditional closed-
bow or open-bow confi gurations.
XThree-fi n T-Cut Diamond hull
design ensures laser-straight
tracking and the fl at wake beloved
by pro-level skiers.
XTen water-skiing world records
have been set behind the TXi hull.
XBillet-aluminum folding ski racks
in the cockpit keep your skis safe
and secure while underway.

· LOA: 20'6" · BEAM: 7'11"
· DRY WEIGHT: 3,100 lb. · SEATING/
WEIGHT CAPACITY: 7/1,269 lb.
· FUEL CAPACITY: 40 gal.

How We Tested
ENGINE: PCM Monsoon 350 6.2L
PROP: 13" x 12" 4-blade
GEAR RATIO: 1.00:1
FUEL LOAD: 40 gal.
CREW WEIGHT: 380 lb.
Unavailable (at press time)


Response TXi

features a windshield walk-through to
the bow and storage underneath. (The
open-bow version holds seven passengers;
the closed bow holds fi ve.) In the main
cockpit, passengers will like the billet-
aluminum grab handles and the twin
seats adorning the centerline step up to
the transom. Folding billet-aluminum
ski racks in the gunwales keep the skis
secure while cruising around the lake.
SeaDek fl ooring adds style points while
creating padded traction underfoot. Like
all Malibu boats, the TXi hull is cut and
molded to precise tolerances thanks to its
CAD design and production via a fi ve-axis
router. Whether you plan to use this boat
in competition or just as the family tow
boat for weekends at the lake, the Malibu
Response TXi will make you a winner.

When it comes to the Malibu Response
TXi, the most notable thing about it is the
wake — or lack thereof. Its smooth, small,
passable wakes with miniscule trough and
almost nonexistent chine spray combine
to make one of the best slalom wakes we’ve
tried. Our test crew skied the
2018 TXi at 34.2 mph at 28
off. They couldn’t fi nd a single
thing to nitpick, giving it 10s
across the board. The pull is
consistent, and the wake is
symmetrical, consistent, and
has virtually no bump.
At the helm, the driver
works off of both 12-inch and
7-inch touchscreen displays
to set the boat up to his lik-
ing, as well as monitor speed
and fuel. With Zero Off GPS
cruise, the driver can set the
speed and the course and go,
so he or she can focus solely

on giving the skier the best possible tow.
The standard adjustable rudder tab allows
the driver to set the rudder torque to his or
her liking. Malibu’s T-Cut Diamond hull
design considerably reduces the boat’s
footprint in the water, and the three-fi n
design helps it track straight. Underway,
the TXi doesn’t throw spray that can
obscure the skier’s view of the next slalom
gate. Everything about this boat puts the
skier in the best position to succeed.
The TXi also has the interior to keep the
crew in comfort on a joyride. The open-bow
version features plush bow seating with
forward-facing backrests against the con-
soles, boasting stereo speakers, cup holders
and grab handles. The closed-bow version


Loudon, Tennessee; 865-458-4578;

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