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Moving planets in the sky in November
present us with dynamic and ever-chang-
ing patterns that can bring opportuni-
ties for progress, times of frustration,
and moments of inspiration. This column
describes your Sun sign’s relationship to
these patterns, providing helpful insights
to guide you through the changing scene.

HLOVE: First Week. Venus enters
Sagittarius, making romance as colorful
and ephemeral as November’s autumn
foliage. Commitment isn’t on the agenda.
Second Week. You don’t want words, you
want actions, but Cupid gives you dou-
blespeak. You patience has already worn
thin. Third Week. Mars enters Scorpio,
making passion sizzle. Prospective sweet-
hearts are mysterious, inscrutable, and
intense. Don’t underestimate their poten-
tial. Fourth Week. Venus conjoins Jupiter
in Sagittarius, attracting you to a guru,
instructor, or a cross-cultural bon vivant.
The fun starts now.
HMONEY: Impulsive spending on travel,
entertainment, or expensive decor leaves

you with feelings of elation but high min-
imum payments. Mercury retrograde in
Scorpio transits the house of credit cards,
interest rates, insurance, and debts (the 8th),
raising question marks over certain expens-
es on your statement. Mercury stations
direct on the 20th, when clarity comes and
accounts receivable and payable balance to
a more reasonable bottom line. Taking firm
control in joint billing prevents money from
slipping through the cracks.
HHEALTH: You have every intention
of staying in shape and spending the time
and effort to achieve maximum fitness, but
commitments slowly fade into the back-
ground as changing job demands rearrange
your priorities. You’ll return to the gym or
the playing fields during the 3rd and 4th
weeks to resume your agenda, but don’t
overdo it and end up with strained muscles
and tendons. On the 27th, Neptune stations
direct in Pisces, your house of recupera-
tion (the 12th). Pamper yourself in private

HLOVE: First Week. Sweethearts say

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