(Jacob Rumans) #1

Issue 180 December 2019


66 Paint vibrant portrait art
Daniel Bolling Walsh makes use of custom
brushes and a range of Photoshop layer
modes to create a painterly portrait piece.

74 Create a card art portfolio
Illustrator Noah Bradley shows how he
paints strong, impactful artwork for card
games such as Magic: The Gathering.

80 Core Skills: Krita
Sara Tepes reveals how Krita’s range of
filter tools can help to make a piece stand
out on the canvas.

84 Unique ways to create portraits
Make the time to explore new approaches
and techniques in your personal work,
with concept artist Jenn Ravenna.

48 74


104 110

Card art portfolio

Paint vibrant portraits

Traditional Artist

100 Traditional art FXPosé
Explore this month’s selection of the finest
traditional art, sent in by you!

104 Workshop: Embrace the
chaos of watercolours
Emily Hare paints dozing dragons using
watercolour, a medium that results in no
two paintings looking the same.

110 Core Skills:
Drawing techniques
Timothy Von Rueden shows the
importance of creating contrast in your art.

114 First Impressions: Marc Scheff
We talk to the US artist and educator.


Sketchbook: Ahmed Aldoori

Build up contrast

New portrait techniques

The chaos of watercolours

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