(Jacob Rumans) #1

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sausage and cut into six. Pinch the
bottom and close until you get a petal
shape as shown.

Step 12.
You will need six small petals for the small
flower and a small ball of B1 in the centre.

Step 13.
To make the butterfly, slice the larger
sausage and shape into an oval. Cut into
two and shape as shown to get the wings.
Make wings with the small sausage.

Step 14.
To compose the butterfly, make wings
the same as in Step 13 but using solid B1.
Make small balls of B2 for the centre of
the butterfly and arrange the B1 wings
on top. Below are the medium wings and
last are the small wings. Roll tiny long
sausages of B1 to make the antenna and
put small balls of B1 on the end.

Step 15.
To make the leaves, slice a small
patterned sausage. Make into an oval,
pinch the bottom and make into a leaf.
Bend the top a little to make movement.
Make smaller sized leaves using smaller
patterned sausages.

Step 16.
Repeat Step 12 but using solid B1. Roll
long tiny sausages of B1 to make the
centre of the leaves and arrange as

Step 17.
To make the big flower, use the sliced
fondant from Step 9 and cut the top with
the biggest oval cutter. With the biggest
oval cutter, cut B1 and make a hole in the

Step 18.
Using the big oval cutter, cut B4 and cut
the bottom as shown using the small oval
cutter. Insert the cut B4 into the B1 with
the hole in the centre.

Step 19.
Use the small oval cutter, cut white
fondant then cut the bottom with the
smallest oval cutter. Cut B1 using the
smallest oval cutter and insert both as

Step 20.
Arrange together to the cut 3.5cm sliced

20 21

18 19

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