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When you want your creations to look and taste
amazing, use Renshaw Belgian Chocolate Modelling
paste. A versatile paste containing 27% Belgium
Chocolate, it remains flexible for a longer period
of time so you can add fine detail. It sets firm and
provides a great finish and taste.
Available in handy 180g packs
RRP £2.

Perhaps the most indulgent product
range from Rainbow Dust, Lustre
(pronounced lust-ahhhh for a
reason) is the new name for
Rainbow Dust Edible Silk, the same
great product in updated packaging
with a new name. Available in 44
opulent metallic shades and adding
a real wow factor to your works of
edible art, Lustre is a versatile product
that can be brushed on chocolate to achieve a high shine
metallic finish. Lustre can also be used on sugarpaste,
flower paste or royal icing, either brushed on dry or
mixed with a clear alcohol and used as a paint. Ginger
Glow is one of our favourites; the metallic effect when
brushed on chocolate is spectacular.
RRP £2.
Available from all good sugarcraft retailers

Available in white, gold and silver, these edible glitter squares
from CK Products are very much on-trend for glitzy cakes right
now. The squares create an amazing light-catching sequin
confetti effect which looks stunning around the sides of
wedding and celebration cakes.
£5.95 (RRP £7.99)

The Surprise Cake Popping Cake Stand holds up to a
12" cake and transforms into a two tier stand to hold
24 cupcakes. A surprise gift pod is concealed inside the
stand and when released, it pops up to reveal the gift
you've hidden inside. Imagine gifting concert tickets,
money, a phone, watch or piece of jewellery! Can be
used for multiple events like a birthday, engagement
proposal, graduation or gender reveal. This happy
surprise will delight all ages!
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