Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

X is also proving itself adept at leadership
in ways comparable with leaders of previ-
ous generations, including the ability to
find and foster fresh talent.

Gen X is planning to stay active. As Gen X
looks toward retirement, it is not dreaming
of sitting still. In fact, when it comes to life
after work, Gen Xers are throwing away old
traditions altogeth-
er. As noted by
AARP, even those
members of this
generation who
plan to remain in
the workforce
anticipate their em-
ployment in their lat-
er years will provide them with flexibility,
fulfillment, purpose and social interac-
tion—as well as physical health.

Gen X is filling social media feeds. Not on-
ly are Gen Xers enthusiastic about technol-
ogy and gaming; they also utilize social me-
dia at a rate that surpasses that of other
generations, according to research by Niel-
sen, which calls Gen X “the most connect-
ed generation.” Gen X was also reported to
be more likely than millennials to devote
more time to using smartphones, comput-
ers and tablets.

Gen X is traveling the world. Gen X has put
on its traveling shoes, and loves to traverse
the globe both alone and with friends and
family in tow. In an AARP survey on travel
trends, Gen X led Millennials and Baby
Boomers in number of multigenerational

trips, summer vacation trips and weekend
getaways, while Allianz Global Assistance’s
Vacation Confidence Index found that Gen
X is more likely to overspend on vacation
than other generations.

Gen X is spending money on its kids. Ac-
cording to the Pew Research Center, a sig-
nificant fraction of
adults (a cohort
that now includes
Gen X) is bringing
up small chil-
dren—or serving
as the financial
support to older chil-
dren—and the costs associated with this
responsibility are steadily increasing.

Gen X is spending money on entertain-
ment. Gen Xers like to have a good time, if
data from the most recent Consumer Ex-
penditure Survey released by the Bureau of
Labor Statistics are accurate: members of
this generation are spending more on en-
tertainment than any other.

For all of these reasons, it should be clear
that Gen X is worth taking extremely seri-
ously by every entrepreneur targeting the
worlds of business, technology, travel, fam-
ily and leisure. If the facts above haven’t
convinced current and aspiring entrepre-
neurs of this is probable that noth-
ing will.

Another obvious strength of Gen X is its

Gen X is worth taking

extremely seriously by

every entrepreneur

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