Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

So, stopping doing that has been probably
the best thing that I have done in a long,
long time.

Neil: How much does gut feeling influence
your decisions in your business?

Noah: You have to balance gut feeling or
intuition with data. You can think that
something is really great and it isn't. Hon-
estly, so you have gotta bal- know, one of the
things that I do is I watch
Shark Tank every week. You
know that show, Shark Tank?
And also, they have got a
new show, ABC does, called
'Beyond the Tank'. Where of
course, they are in the tank
and they get the deal or do
not get the deal, and then well, what hap-
pens after that? What happens after that is
of course the most important thing. So, the
point is, you learn that the sharks are al-
ways right, you know, if you have made a
billion dollars, you tend to know what you
are doing, you know. And they just asked
the right questions. Ok what are your
sales? What is your cost of acquisition and
da da dah dah? And you pay attention to
the questions they are asking; they are al-
ways the right questions.

So yes, gut feeling is important and you
have got to go... like again, even my exam-
ple of not knowing what the heck I was do-
ing, I had that vision, that gut feeling if you
want, but eventually I really did have to
learn what it takes to make those data driv-
en decisions. So, it’s always a balance and I

think that is going to enable you to make
even better decisions.

Neil: Noah, what do you think the secrets
of success are in business, what would
you think the key things are?

Noah: It’s two. Number one, is to give
yourself permission to succeed, meaning
allow yourself to succeed. Allowing your-
self to reach that level of
success, that you probably
do not believe you can do.
And then number two, is
learn how to ethically mar-
ket. How to market ethically.
And of course, that is going
to be different for each per-
son, I am not here to teach
ethics but really, I think we
all know what feels right for us and what
does not.

And so, like I just said a moment ago, for
me, any type of hype or lying or even like
stretching the truth, I cannot do it, I just... I
am uncomfortable with that. There is some
people that are very comfortable with that,
so hey good for them.

So, once you understand how to give your-
self permission to succeed, and then also
how to market ethically, how to package
and promote your products and your pro-
grammes, how to put them together, so it’s
not one-to-one, but one to many. I feel
that is really the secret of success.

Neil: Life is made of constant change
whether we like it or not, and many peo-

You have to
balance gut
feeling or
intuition with
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