Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

mentioned over 140 countries now. And so
that’s my dream right now, my vision and
you know I do not know how we are going
to do it, because it’s expensive and there is
a million questions and I do not know how
to do it. But you know if I could from my
college dorm room to... where I did not
know one single thing... to here, I am like,
you know that's like reminding myself,
'aright, come on I have gotton through
worse than this' so let’s see if we can do it.

Neil: Go for it.

Noah: Yeh

Neil: What skill, if you were excellent at it
would help you the most to double your

Noah: You know, that I think, the answer to
that is creating funnels that really convert.
And for those of you in marketing, if you
are a seasoned business owner or if you
are just starting out, I am sure you have
heard of the funnel or campaign funnel.
We actually now built this for clients, we
call it our campaign profit blueprint. But
that was a skill Neil that I knew absolutely
knew nothing about. And I realised that it
was one skill that was really holding me
back or the lack there of... was how do you
build these funnels? How do you build a
campaign that converts? How do you go
from cold traffic to somebody who has
never heard of you, to ok they have heard
of you, and then they buy from you, and
then they become a life-long customer?
How the heck do you do that?

So there a lot of moving parts in that,
that’s not just one thing, it’s many things.
And I think going back to our mantra for, going back to that fact
that we are a customer service company,
that teaches business and personal growth,
I think that really, really, really works here
in this skill set. Because knowing that we
are focused on the customer, focused on
their needs, their wants, their desires, their
goals, and then how can we serve them
the best, that has enabled us to build it
faster than what most marketers do.

As they say, 'how can we squeeze more
revenue out of every customer?' Okay
that's not...I am not trying to put a judge-
ment on it, I mean of course we all want
more revenue, more profit’s and more
bottom line, but for me that question did
not inspire me. The question that inspires
me is 'how can we help more people trans-
form their lives around the world?' So
that’s what inspires me.

And so, for the folks, what question in-
spires you? And use that, focus on that.
And so that would be the skill for me that I
would pick.

Neil: In 5 years from now if a well-known
business publication was publishing an ar-
ticle on your business after talking to your
customers and suppliers, what would you
like it to say?

Noah: I would like it to say, number one,
they believed in me, they believed in us.
You know and when no one else did, they
believed in me when no one else did. And
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