Scale Auto – October 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1

12 Scale Auto • OCTOBER 2019

[PART 3 OF 3]

Scratchbuilding Two Fords = one Jaguar SS

The basic shape of the
grille shell is similar to the
’32 Ford, but with a flat
bottom and extended sides.


started by making a backing
plate matching the hood
profile. Then I glued the ’
grille shell to the plate at the
appropriate angle and cut
the bottom flush with the
bottom of the hood unit.
Styrene shims fill the gaps at
the sides. Putty helped blend
is all together.
Reproducing the louvers
on the hood was a process.
First, I cut the side louvers
from the AMT ’34 Ford and
removed a matching

rectangle from my the
SS100’s hood. Putty hid the
joins between the parts, and
I was careful not to damage
the louvers during sanding.
Four rows of louvers
adorn the top of the hood. I
purchased resin louvers on
decal film from Archer Fine
Transfers. I cut four strips
and they adhered perfectly,
even over primer. After they
dried, I sprayed another coat
of primer to seal them in,
and the decal backing

disappeared under the paint.
A length of wire along the
centerline made the hinges.
Aluminum mesh cut to
shape and folded along the
centerline made the grille. I
used the same mesh to make
headlight covers. The
headlights came from the
’32 Ford kit. I mounted
them on a copper-wire
bracket with styrene
endcaps. The twin horns in
front came from the AMT
’34 Ford. The taillights are

WE COMPLETED THE BODY and fenders in the August 2019 installment.
Now let’s button it up with a with a radiator grille, details, and some paint.



The grille shell from a modified
’32 Ford unit, truncated and
mounted at an angle on a
backing plate. The holes will be
filled and smoothed with putty.

by Andy Kellock

After adding in the final details, my
SS100 is complete. By breaking down
the construction into a series of
steps I made a seemingly
overwhelming task easier.
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