Scale Auto – October 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1 19

The 1992 release of the Monogram 1/24 scale
F-250 SuperCab and F-350 dually kits gave modelers
the first opportunity to buy scale pickups that
replicated the increasingly popular lengthened
SuperCab format. The dually kit was also a first in that
it offered a factory-correct dual rear-wheel F-Series
pickup. These were the only 1/24 or 1/25 scale kits to
capture the freshened appearance of the 1987-
F-Series lineup. Revell recently reissued them.

AMT-Ertl developed developed kits replicating the major
aerodynamic F-Series redesigns for the 1992-96 model years. The
LWB Styleside kit came first in 1992, followed by a revised SWB
chassis in 1993 for both the Flareside and Styleside. Revell did
wonders with these kits, down to decals that replicated labeling in
the engine compartment; they are well worth searching out.

Both as both a modeler and in my
role as Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT)
marketing manager and team leader during
the mid-1990s, the Lightning is very dear to
me. AMT-Ertl replicated the first-generation
SVT Lightning while Revell adapted their
tooling to produce the follow-up 1999
Lightning. Both of these kits involved adapting
existing F-150 molds to the SVT SWB chassis
and box dimensions, engine induction and
exhaust systems, interior revisions, and new
wheels and tires. During the development of
the second-generation SVT Lightning (and its
kit), former Revell VP Roger Harney sat in on
what was to prove to be one of our most
memorable SVT meetings.

Ford’s slightly downsized 1997 F-150 was
accompanied by an impressive range of 1/25 scale
plastic kits. Revell came to the party with an LWB
Styleside standard cab and a Flareside SuperCab short
bed. AMT-Ertl replicated the SWB standard cab (not the
LWB shown on the box) and added a curbside Styleside
SuperCab short bed. Lindberg finished the kit choices
with an excellent 4x4 Flareside standard cab kit. This
multitude of options may have split the market for
pickup kits to the point that none of the model
companies were able to meet their sales goals, and
that may have led to the subsequent lack in
development of fully detailed kits replicating the next
two generations of F-150 pickups.

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