Scale Auto – October 2019

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Just wanted you to know
I’m a modeler in the 60+ category who
did much more modeling when I was
younger. But I have returned to the
hobby to build the more-than-1,
and multiplying kits in my garage
(which is also my workshop). After
NNL East, I added models, paints, and
parts to my collection. My goal now is
to improve my build quality.
The April 2019 paint issue was good,
but I think you need to talk more about
prepping plastic — primer types, wait
time, and effects paints can have on
plastic if applied directly. Maybe run
some older how-to articles?
I also think it’s worth mentioning if
parts in a reissued kit have less flash or





uring The Historic Sportscar
Racing (HSR) Mitty race at Road
Atlanta the Vintage Racers for
Rescues organize a silent auction to
raise funds for animal rescue
organizations. Every year I donate
something to them to help raise money.
This year I had a buyer back out on a
diorama commission when it was half
finished. What to do? Finish it for the
silent auction! I tossed out the original
theme — drag racing — and went with
vintage sports cars instead.
Inside are an AMT March 88c and a
Union Model Ferrari 330 P4. Both are
staged with work in progress for the
upcoming vintage racing season.
Overall, the diorama took me about 10
weeks to complete.
I enjoyed building it, and I was able
to help a good cause!
Pete Stankiewicz
Athens, GA

Ed: Thanks for sharing your diorama
with us, Pete. Beautiful work! There’s
so much going on in it that we could
spend hours ogling all the details. We
just wish we could have been at the
auction and had a chance to signal the
winning bid!

mold lines than its predecessors. Many
of my kits from the 1980s have more
flash than their current releases, and
the plastic appears harder. Keep the
magazines coming.
Jim Lieto
Artemas, PA

Favorite Scale
Auto cover
My favorite cover
is April 1998
(No. 114). It
showed Juha
Airio’s anti-gravity
car. My
enthusiasm for the
model increased

after seeing it displayed at the On the
Road Show in Jabbeke, Belgium, a
couple of years ago. I was blown away
by the quality of the build. Meeting
Juha in person and seeing his amazing
models was great!
By the way, you forgot to mention
Juha in Starting Line as a contributor.
He influenced me (and probably
others) to put even more effort into my
scale models.
Congratulations for the last 40 years,
and keep up the good work!
Stefan Heine
Coesfeld, Germany

Another favorite ... or two
First off, congratulations on Scale
Auto’s 40th anniversary issue! I received

Pete Stankiewicz enjoys modeling dioramas in 1/24 and 1/25 scales because it allows him to cut
individual studs from balsa wood. “It’s time consuming, but I like the results,” he says. He
fashioned the board-and-batten siding from beadboard material and painted it with exterior latex
paint from a home-improvement store.

Wire salvaged from a computer details the electrical cable in the walls, and the electrical boxes
are wood blocks painted blue with white to detail outlets and switches. The signs and art on the
walls came from magazines and a few model kits. The pooch is a nice touch!
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