Scale Auto – October 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1 7

In the August 2019
issue (Page 8), we
erroneously listed the
new plastic Diorama
Signs from Gofer
Racing Decals (No.
17007, $12.50) as
a decal set. They
are not. Printed
on die-cut
plastic, these
reproduce vintage metal and
glass signs for 1/24 and 1/25 scale

  • Tim Kidwell, editor

Rudy DuBord’s 1967
Chevrolet 427 SS features a
chopped top, smoothed lines
without trim, and a moody DupliColor
paint job with Testors Dullcote finish.

Rudy, we’re sorry
One of the biggest thrills is when one of my models ends up in Scale Auto.
However, over the years, my name has never been spelled right. This year,
I am Ruby. In the 2012 and 2017 Contest Cars, I was Randy. Even my last
name has been changed. It’s correct on my subscription label though!
Rudy DuBord
Santa Clara, CA

Ed: Rudy, you said we didn’t need to issue a correction, but you have been
more than understanding for many years. Here’s the corrected entry for
NNL West from our June 2019 issue (Page 44).


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building a 1/24 scale replica. He may
not be aware that Minicraft made a
well-detailed 1/16 scale SS100, giving
modelers at least a second choice for the
base kit. I have one on my to-do list,
and no, he can’t have it.
Also, it was nice to see Noel
Machado’s RX7 (April 2019) build using
a 3D-printed engine! I use a printer to
design and print parts for my models,
so I am always interested in what others
are doing with 3D-printer technology.
Noel stated he had Shapeways make the
three-rotor Wankel, but I wonder
whether he designed it?
Thanks, and keep these articles
Michael Walker
Burleson, TX

Ed: Michael, we reached out to both
Andy and Noel on your behalf. Andy
says: “Thanks for the info, Michael. I
was not aware of the Minicraft kit. It
turns out there is a 1/24 scale die-cast
kit made by Southeast Finecast as well,
which was pointed out by another
reader. Clearly, Scale Auto readers are
one of our most valuable resources,
and I always look forward to their
Noel says: “The Wankel engine I
used is available from 3D Specialties
on They have a couple
of rotary engines with different setups.”

Appreciation for
the Hot Wheels
I enjoyed the August 2019 Scale Auto,
particularly the article about custom
Hot Wheels, and I wouldn’t mind
seeing more of these occasionally.
There’s a big online community of
customizers doing some impressive
builds, not to mention all the neat
3D-printed wheels and parts.
Thanks for another great issue. And,
Tim, welcome as the new editor!
Phil Richardson
Port Republic, MD

Ed: Phil, thanks for the welcome!

Phil made this Yenko Stinger from a Hot
Wheels Vairy-8. He made body modifications
and used 3D-printed wheels.

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