Spotlight - 10.2019

(coco) #1
Spotlight 10/


Issue 10, 2019

6 In the Spotlight E M A
News and views from
around the world

10 Peggy’s Place M
Visit Spotlight’s very own
London pub

11 Britain Today E
Colin Beaven on a holiday in

12 A Day in My Life M +
Her passion is the conservation
of historic manuscripts

20 Artisans M
Meet British wheelwright
Greg Rowland

22 Grammar Tales M
A fairy tale for learners

35 American Life M US +
Ginger Kuenzel on unwelcome

36 Food A
A look at obesity in society today

39 I Ask Myself A US
Amy Argetsinger on naming the
royal baby

46 Arts M
Two films and an exhibition

63 Around Oz A
Peter Flynn on big changes to
political polling

64 And then I prepared
the Heimat- und
Sachunterricht M
A humorous look
at adjusting to life
in Germany

69 Press Gallery A
Comment from the
English-speaking world

70 Short Story M
“Inside-out man”


72 The Lighter Side E
Jokes and cartoons

74 Feedback & Next Issue E M A
Your letters to Spotlight
and upcoming topics

76 My Life in English M
German actor Wolfgang Bahro

16 Sprachseiten

47 English Explained M US
Chad Smith on some useful
expressions in English

48 Vocabulary E +
Words and phrases about the

50 The Grammar Page M +
On using present participles:
verb + “-ing”

51 Language Cards E M A
Pull out and practise

53 Lost in Translation A
A fun look at fascinating

54 Everyday English M +
Dialogues about doing a course

56 The Basics E
Easy English

58 Words that Go Together E
The names of the months:
the collocation game

60 Spoken English M +
Talking about probability
in conversational English

61 English at Work M +
Ken Taylor answers
your questions

62 Crossword E M A
Find the words
and win a prize


What do

you see?

M +

Describing photographs is an important
skill: we help you to master this task,
a standard part of many English
exams — and quite useful
in small talk, too.
Free download pdf