Military Illustrated Modeller – August 2019

(Ann) #1
AFV Edition 

As per my usual practice, the completed model
received a primer coat of Tamiya Liquid Surface
Primer, thinned with lacquer thinners. This serves
as a nice key for the overlaying layers of paint
and shows up any constructional errors or gaps.
As I planned to use the hairspray technique to chip
and scuff the vehicle exterior the build received a
decent coat of a Tamiya XF-63 German Grey. This
was then sealed in with a coat of Tamiya Clear to
protect the underlying grey.
A decent coat of hairspray was applied via
airbrush and was allowed to dry for a few hours
prior to spraying the top camo colours. A suitable
dunkelgelb (dark yellow) base coat was mixed up
from Tamiya XF-2 White, XF-57 Buff and a few
drops of XF-4 Yellow Green and was applied to
all exterior surfaces. A very lightly applied, green-
striped camouflage utilising Tamiya XF-65 Field
Grey was airbrushed on, which actually turned out
quite a light green; I suspect that once again that
I had tipped some other shade of green into that
bottle in the past! After letting the camo colours dry
for an hour or so, water and window cleaner were
used to scuff and scratch the exterior finish in high-
wearing areas.

“No major repairs or putty were needed on the construction

phase due to the excellent fit...”

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