Military Illustrated Modeller – August 2019

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 Military Illustrated Modeller - August 2019


New and recently issued kits and accessory sets for armour modelling projects

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Aber are one of the original and best aftermarket accessory producers,
using their extraordinary skills with photo-etched and machined brass to
produce some of the most sophisticated upgrade sets available. Aber offer
everything from humble sheets of PE mesh to complex, multi-part superdetail
sets and the set featured here falls firmly into the latter category.
Designed specifically for Tamiya's 2015 Panther Ausf.G, the pack contains
a full set of schürzen and their hangers, rear stowage boxes, mudguards,
engine deck screens, tool brackets, barrel cleaning-rod case, aluminium
main gun barrel with brass muzzle brake, towing cables, barrel brace
chain, brass tube smoke dischargers, all tool clamps, spare track link
hangers and even a set of headphones, throat-mic and uniform insignia for
the commander figure! It's an extensive package and the base kit will need
a little alteration in place for all the parts to fit, but the extra effort required
by the modeller will result in a fantastically detailed model.
With a glut of 1:35 Panthers now in circulation, the 'anti-aircraft additional
armour' universal set from Aber is well timed. It provides a pair of turret-roof
add-on plates in thick photo-etched brass with lathe-turned brass spacers
that sit between the two layers of armour. The modeller must drill holes in
the kit's turret roof but the lower panel can be used as a template for this.
It's an easy to install set that will add a point of interest to your late-model
Panther G and is made to the highest standards, as always from Aber.

  • Pz.Kpfw.V Panther (Sd.Kfz.171) Ausf.D Exclusive Edition Upgrade Set
    (35K27) For Tamiya

  • Panther Ausf.G Late Anti-Aircraft Additional Armour (35 A131)


Tamiya's recently released 1:35 M3A1 Scout Car is the recipient of a tidy set of resin wheels/
tyres with enhanced detail and flat-spots to suggest a weighted appearance. Numerous other
vehicles get new wheel sets too - always worth adding to your model!

  • Horch 108 Type 1a/40 WWII sagged wheel set (DW30039) ICM/Tamiya

  • M3A1 Scout Car sagged wheel set (DW30041) for Tamiya

  • Husky TSV sagged wheels set (DW35111) for Meng

  • M142 HIMARS sagged wheel set (DW35112) for Trumpeter

  • Opel Maultier front wheel set (DW30042)

  • German StuG.III Ausf.G IV Topfblende mantlet set x2 (DM35086)
    for Tamiya/Dragon/Academy

  • Military equipment set 1960-70 in Vietnam x28 parts (DM35091)

  • US M551 Sheridan tank 152mm Barrel set early (DM35087)

  • US M551 Sheridan tank 152mm Barrel set late (DM35088)


If you are contemplating a build of Tamiya's
new 1:35 M10 Achilles kit, this pack will be
most useful as it contains the correct green
(and blue-black) for its camouflage, plus
four other shades too; SCC 15 Olive Drab,
SCC14 Blue-Black, Light Mud Provisional,
SCC2 Brown, SCC1A Very Dark Brown and
24 Deep Bronze Green. Lifecolor paints are
acrylics and are very high quality, ideal for
airbrushing and hand-painting.

  • British Tanks, France, Europe, UK disruptive
    camouflage 1936-45 Set 2 (CS44)

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