Design Engineering – March-April 2019

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March/April | 2019

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With radio frequency
data transmission
n RF communication – For
efficient wireless networking
n Easy networking – Link up to
36 units to a single control
n Flexible design – Display units
in mm, inches or degrees;
absolute or incremental; right
or reverse orientation
n Excellent readability – 6-digit
12 mm LCD display
n Dirty or wet environments –
IP 65 and 67 rated models
n Low maintenance – Up to 3+
years between battery changes

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works account, you can apply to test the
xDesign isn’t, however, a single pro-
gram; it is a collection of apps that create
3D designs, manage data, assign tasks to
teams and collaborates through the
3DSWYM Community site. Designing
with it is very different from Solidworks.
“Not sure if you want an extrude or a
revolve? Doesn’t matter with Super fea-
tures; you can swap back and forth, and
even go to a sweep instead if you like,”
describes the Solidworks Blog. “Need
some help with the shape to get the loads
you require? Design Guidance is there to
do it the scientific way with a simple step-
by-step process. If you are not sure
whether you should start a part or an
assembly, no problem. xDesign has the
flexibility to chop and change at any point
in the design and change back again.
There are also no files, so you can rename
features, parts or assemblies without the
fear of breaking references.”

What’s In Solidworks 2020?
Traditionally, the highlight of Solidworks
World occurs on the third day, when staff
proudly show off many of the wonderful
new features being worked on for the next
release. This is when attendees in the huge
conference hall go into repeated cheers
and applause.
This year, however, Dassault removed
the most popular event from the schedule.
The only features shown in Solidworks
2020 were faster operations for loading

models, doing sketches and handling
large assemblies.
Dassault Systemes is able to land the
world’s largest clients, like aircraft and
automotive manufacturers, but not the
world’s largest pool of MCAD users.
Dassault software always was designed
for the likes of Boeing and Airbus, not
the one-man shop.
That’s what Solidworks works well for:
The lone designer who spends his time
completing relatively uncomplicated
parts, never needing the cloud, except
for maybe Dropbox. His conceptual
design tool is a pencil and paper; his
design tool is Solidworks on the desktop;
and the machine shop and his customers
are local, not global. This is the reality
Dassault doesn’t accept, it seems.
Executives display their disconnect
by piling emotion on to the “experience”
tagline. “And now the topic for years to
come is to add emotion, to add the con-
nection between what you deliver to the
people, and why people love what you
deliver: We call it 3dExperience,” the
Dassault CEO told his silent audience.
“...because with the 3dExperience, you
are going to become story makers. The
story will be the experience.”
Today in North America, if you want
a job in MCAD design, you most likely
need to know Solidworks. It’s a snowball
become avalanche, and I worry what
Dassault will do next to slow it from
gaining more speed. DE

Dassault’s xDesign solid modeling design suite encompasses multiple apps that create 3D
designs, manage data, assign tasks and collaborates through the 3DSWYM Community site.

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