Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

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Author: Janine Droste

Kanuma, the capital of satsuki,

Japanese azaleas, holds a yearly

azalea festival at the end of May,

beginning of June, when this

beautiful Japanese plant is in full


An explosion

of colours!


Kanuma, north of Tokyo, is renowned
for its cultivation of satsuki, or Rhododendron
indicum, which is a specialty of the region and
one of the most popular bonsai varieties grown
in Japan. There, the most beautiful Satsuki from
all over Japan are on display. From end of May
to beginning of June, Kanuma is completely gi-
ven over to the «Kanuma Satsuki Festival», which
I visited in 2018. 
The exhibitions are as much for the promo-
tion and development of satsuki as for the shared
enjoyment of them.

In spring, May 2018, Janine
Droste visited the most
important Satsuki festival
which lasts about ten days
and takes place every
year in Kanuma, Japan.
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