Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

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#101 EspritBonsaiInternational - 63

on Conifers

Laurent Darrieux’s creative
mind pictured a dragon in
this Taiwanese juniper.
The tree just after it was purchased.
The main trunk is dead as a result of
its roots being too drastically cut.

I found this Taiwanese
juniper - Juniperus formosanum - at
the bottom of a nursery garden. It had
been put to one side following the loss
of its main trunk after being removed
from the ground. It will become a
beautiful bonsai – like a dragon.
As one can see on the surface of the pot,
a few major roots were cut too drastically,
causing the main line of the •••

The Taiwanese juniper tolerates heavy

bending – a characteristic that Laurent

Darrieux will exploit in a very ambitious

project based on superb deadwood.

Author: Laurent Darrieux

Birth of a

Taiwanese dragon

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