TV Times – 03 August 2019

(Axel Boer) #1

A class act

Entrepreneur Paul Rowlett on going

back to school to find an apprentice



any of us would rather
do a pile of maths
homework than return to
the school corridors, but
C 4 has persuaded six entrepreneurs
back into the classroom for a new
series, The Secret Teacher.
Going undercover as support
workers, they each spend time with
the pupils and, at the end of each
episode, they’re able to offer jobs,
mentoring and traineeships.
First up is Paul Rowlett, who
was expelled from school aged 15
but eventually started his own
promotional products business,, with an


s the children of hugely
successful and famous
parents, youngsters Jack
Ramsay, Phoenix Chi, Bethany
Mone and Ria Ince have grown
up wanting for nothing.
However, in C 4 ’s new four-part
series, they return to their parents’
humble roots to experience the
lives they might have lived had
their mums and dads not found
fame and fortune...

Jack Ramsay, 19
Son of TV chef Gordon Ramsay
(pictured far right) (Episode 1)
Gordon says: ‘If I had to compare
my upbringing to Jack’s, Jack wasn’t
born with a silver spoon, he was
born with a silver platter! He needs
to feel vulnerable. Growing up on
council estates gave me the hunger
to work hard, to get out and find a
better life. It was the making of me.’
Jack says: ‘I’ve grown up in a
bubble, a bubble that you don’t really
go outside of. I’ve never had to fight
for things. I always wonder if I’d be
different if people didn’t know me
as Gordon Ramsay’s son.’


The Secret Teacher

The kids from fame


Born Famous:

Gordon Ramsay

MONDAY / C4 / 10PM

The children of four stars go back to their parents’

roots to experience an alternative family history

Ria Ince, 18
Daughter of former England
football captain, Paul Ince
(Episode 4)
Paul says: ‘When Ria was four or
five she wanted to be a show
jumper, so we got horses for her
and she’s very good at it. But she’s
not wanted for anything.’
Ria says: ‘My dad’s never really
gone into much detail about his
young life, which is why I’m excited
to go and investigate.’


Bethany Mone, 19
Daughter of Ultimo entrepreneur,
Michelle Mone (Episode 3)
Michelle says: ‘Bethany has the
super yachts and the mega holidays,
but she doesn’t know how tough
it can be for people. I grew up
in a house with no bath or shower.
I was always very ambitious and
started my first business when
I was 10 years old.’
Bethany says: ‘I feel so lucky.
I’m so grateful to my parents for
everything I have. I couldn’t be
more grateful for the kind of life
that they’ve given me.’
Phoenix Chi, 20
Daughter of Spice Girl and
America’s Got Talent judge
Mel B (Episode 2)
Mel says: ‘Phoenix is so carefree
in La La Land, so I’m really hoping
that part gets squashed out of her
and she gets a reality check on
so many levels. I grew up with
nothing. Life was raw and
with real struggles.’
Phoenix says: ‘Going to the house
where Mum grew up in Leeds was
really emotional. This is what she
was before me, before the Spice
Girls, before fame and money,
this was her reality.’

Term time: Paul with students
Courtney and Loui
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