NZ Hot Rod – August 2019

(Axel Boer) #1

Hupp 3-window
YOU’REright Paul these must be
pretty rare as I’ve never seen one
or even heard of them. I’ve seen a
few four-door sedans using the Ford
body, but certainly not the coupe. I
wonder why they made the change?
Eddie Ford, Restored Cars Australia
Magazine, Australia.

Editorial response
HI PAUL, Great editorial article on
certification and the problems. ( June
’19 Publisher’s Podium) I can see
where you are coming from, but it
seems that all this is going on without
any consultation or involvement from
the very people that these laws are
made to govern except of course your
column in hot rod magazine. If our
governing body NZHRA were working
as it should, we would have a voice
and feel like we are being heard.
They should be at the forefront of this
situation, but there’s nobody home. I
think that one or two people need to
be appointed independently to firstly
without any prejudice interview the
last remaining certifiers and file a
report without using any names. Then
open the conversation up for a short
time to those hobby car builders that
have been adversely affected by the
process, whether good or bad. This
would give us a clear picture from the
coal face and something to work with
as it would probably identify some

of the problems more accurately.
Cheers Dave Alexander.

Inspired by Project T
HI PAUL & LIZ, I just read the Feb 2019
NZ Hot Rod mag article (Letters) on the
’23 T-bucket project build. I own a ’
T which was built in Whangaparaoa.
It runs an original Y-block with Mk 4
Zephyr gearbox and Falcon diff. I’ve
been told it featured in your mag in
1975 as Lovely Lady, but I don’t have
that mag! I have owned the T-bucket
since 1998 and purchased it from a
bloke in Hamilton. Enclosed is a photo
of it alongside my other project which
I’ve owned since I was 15 in 1981, A
196 3 Ford Fairlane Compact. As you
can see, the bucket looks very similar
to the one shown in your mag.
Regards, Glenn Wilson, Taupo.

HI PAUL, Thanks for the sensational
feature on ROYSTR in the July edition
of “hot rod”, Alastair’s photography
is a standout for sure, I thoroughly
enjoyed working (learning) with
him, thanks once again.
Kind regards, Royce Everett.


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