NZ Hot Rod – August 2019

(Axel Boer) #1
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To and Fro Tub
just spotted my old
Model A tourer in
your June ’19 issue
on page 17. There’s
quite a bit of
history on that car.
It was an original
vintage Model A
which was found in
Pukerau, Southland
by Kevin Hamlin
from Gore. He built
into a hot rod tub
which featured on
the cover of the
cover of NZHRM’s
Oc tober 1985
issue. Sometime
later it was exported to Australia where it remained
for 18 years until I purchased it and bought it back to
NZ before selling it to Allan and Lynne Karels who still
own it and it appeared at the Rev Up in Whangarei.
Cheers, Jeff Swale, Subscriber.

Thanks Jeff, much appreciated and that explains
the Aussie ASRF decal on the windshield, Ed.

DEAR PAUL, Great magazine, I hope you are extremely
proud of it. Rob Campbell truly was a great and insightful
man.Hey that carbon recovery idea is quite enlightening,
( June 2019 Publisher’s Podium) yet I wounder if it is
like trying to purify the ocean one bucket at a time.
However if they can recover carbon like that, can
they recover it on car like a catalytic converter?
Regards, Stuart Preston, Hamilton.

Good question, only time will tell. It’s just been
announced that the Canadian government has
invested C$25million in the scheme. Ed.

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