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New York Post, Friday, March 13, 2020

Do you use an intermittent

urinary catheter?

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  1. Chartier-Kastler E et al. 2013
    *Neil is a SpeediCath® Compact Male user who hasreceived compensation from Coloplastto provide this information.
    SpeediCath® catheters are prescribedfor use by patients whorequire bladder drainage dueto urineretention or postvoid residualvolume (PVR). Before use, carefullyread
    all of the instructions. Callyour doctor ifyou thinkyou have a UTI or can’t pass the catheter into the bladder.For more informationregarding risks, potential complications
    and product support, call Coloplast Corp. at 1-866-226-6362 and/ or consult the company website at

➣Available for bothmen and women
➣The most compact catheter with an
attached bag
➣Attached bag makes it possible to

catheterize without tran sferring to
a toilet

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“Beforewhen I used
another catheter, Iused to
always planeverything in
detail. Now thatI’m using
the SpeediCath Compact
catheter, I just go onand

enjoywhat I’m doing!”

  • Neil *, SpeediCath®
    Compact Male user


✔Instantlyready-to-use hydrophilic coating - no waiting time

✔Less mess - no needto add water or lube

✔Blends in witheveryday items - compact, non-medical design

✔Covered by Medicare and most insurance plans

✔Shownto significantly improve self-catheterization quality of life

comparedto conventional hydrophilic catheters


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➣The most compact catheter
for women
➣Around thesize of a tube
of lipstick
➣Alsoavailable in Plus for
women who prefer a slightly

longer catheter

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➣The most compact
catheter formen
➣Caneasily fi t in your pocket
➣Comes with a bag that
is optionalto use

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SpeediCath® Compact Male


➣Makes catheterization
easier for men who
have trouble passing
a straighttip catheter
➣Hygienic - dry sleeve
prevents the transfer of
bacteria during insertion

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Would you liketo try a catheterdesigned

for discretion?

SpeediCat h® cathet ers are available by prescription only. Talk to your phys icia n to determine
which cathet er is right for yo u.

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