(Joyce) #1

go is a journey. I’m not going to
say I’m sad. It’s just going to feel
quite empty without her. But I’ve
still got two left at home [Tilly, 16,
and Chester, 13], so I’m going to
cling on to them! I also know my
kids are always going to come
home, whether they’re 30, 40 or

  1. They’ll always have a place
    at our house.
    Do you have any good
    anti-ageing beauty tips?
    I’m much more thoughtful about
    sun exposure now. I always wear
    SPF 30-50. I used to wear olive
    oil or nothing. I’m a huge fan of
    Garnier Summer Body Gradual
    Tanning Moisturiser..
    What are your secrets to finding
    body confidence?
    Body confidence isn’t about what
    you look like. When I was young
    my skin was taut and my boobs
    were pert. I looked amazing but
    I hated myself. That was part and
    parcel of why I took drugs. It was
    like I had a hole that I couldn’t fill
    with anything else. When I was in
    recovery my sponsor wanted me
    to look in a mirror and say, “I love
    you.” It took a long time to even
    say, “I like you.” But I think you
    can do that in terms of your body.
    Look in a full-length mirror every
    morning and say, “I love you.”
    I can do that now without a hint
    of embarrassment. It’s not
    arrogance, it’s self-worth.
    You do look smoking hot,
    though! Is it nice to have
    your figure admired?
    It’s really nice to know I could
    inspire other people to get fit.
    I have the body of a 52-year-old,
    but I am fit. Not as in “phwoar”
    fit, as in physically fit. Someone
    my age might see that and think,
    “I can get there too.”
    What else are you doing to
    press the f**k it button?
    I’m sampling different things in
    life. I’m going to start a YouTube
    channel and I’m launching an
    underwear range. That was
    all born out of me being single
    and still wearing the sexiest
    underwear ever. Not because
    I was dating, but because it was
    an act of self-love every morning.
    Is it going to be a sexy range?
    Sexy is possibly misleading
    because when people think
    sexy they think crotchless and
    nippleless. It’s not that at all.
    It’s aimed at people who have
    post-baby bodies. But it’s really
    feminine and really lacy. And I
    won’t be making nude underwear.
    I think nude is the least sexy colour
    and men hate nude underwear.
    Any tips on the perfect bra?
    I don’t wear anything with a firm
    cup. I think older boobs don’t

need it because they’re quite
voluminous. I also don’t want
a thrust-together cleavage
because it looks a bit icky. I like
a bit of separation!
You’re building a house as
well, we hear...
Yes, it’s been a dream of mine for
ages. But come and see me in six
months when I’m having a nervous
breakdown! I had a momentary
flash of, “Maybe we should make
this a documentary.” Then I
thought, “No, I’ve seen enough
Grand Designs to know there’d
be the bit when I’m just sobbing
at a big hole in the ground.
Which part are you most
excited about?
We’re having a covered patio
with a fireplace, so even when it’s
raining you can go outside and
light a fire and put chairs in front
of it. The barbecue will be there
too, like an outside kitchen. I’ll
spend tons of time out there.

Are you still enjoying your
career as much as ever?
It’s an exciting time. I just got to
do The Masked Singer – how
lucky am I? I can’t wait for the
second series. Who’d have
thought I’d be doing a show like
that? I’ve been doing Long Lost
Family and quite serious things,
but then The Masked Singer
came along and I’ve had so many
opportunities from it. People have
gone, “Oh yes, Davina can do
funny things!” It’s changed the
course of my career again.
Do you ever worry it’ll all end
one day?
I have worried about that in the
past, but I’m a grafter. I always
think if it all goes away I’ll graft
until I get some of it back.
You and Garnier are now the
UK’s longest ever celebrity
beauty partnership...
Sixteen years! I get really excited
when I receive their new things

to try. I love their new face
mask [Garnier Nutri Bomb Milky
Tissue Mask]. I’d thought tissue
masks were a youngster’s thing
because my daughters are
obsessed with them, but then
I did it and it’s miles better for an
old person. It’s amazing on the
wrinkles around my eyes. I’m
also obsessed with their aloe
shampoo [Ultimate Blends Aloe
Vera Shampoo]. It smells lovely
and the bottle is recycled plastic.
I love that Garnier’s doing a lot
of work with sustainability.

Garnier ambassador Davina
used Nutrisse shade 4.3 on
her hair for the shoot and
prepped her skin with Nutri
Bomb Milky Tissue Mask. Visit
garnier.co.uk for details. Listen
to Davina’s podcast Making
The Cut with Michael Douglas
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‘Wearing sexy underwear is an act of

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