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Here’s how the daytime TV stars

are dealing with life in isolation


enise Welch has
revealed it’s her fellow
LW ladies who have
been providing some
vital support during these
“frightening” times. And in an
attempt to keep spirits up, the
61-year-old said they’ve banned
“bad news” in their group chat.
“We have a WhatsApp group
and that is keeping me going,”
explained Denise, who has
been open about her ongoing
battle with depression. “We’re
just trying to make each other
laugh. We speak every day.”
The ex-Corrie actress also set
the record straight on rumours
the women are at loggerheads
when the cameras aren’t on.
“We’ve had our moments
over the years, but we genuinely
are great friends,” Denise said.
“We are not this backstabbing
bunch behind the scenes, or
else I certainly wouldn’t be able
to work with them.”

But even with such a good
support system around her,
which includes artist hubby
Lincoln Townley and her sons,
1975 singer Matt Healy, 30, and
actor Louis Healy, 19, Denise
still has bad days.
“I was cooking tea the other
day. A song came on the radio
and I just burst into tears. I was
crying uncontrollably for about
an hour,” she said last week.
However, Den is hoping her
new book, The Unwelcome
Visitor, which she’s called
a “chronicle of living with
depression and anxiety”,
will help those suffering with
mental health issues during the
current crisis. “Obviously at the
time of writing I had no idea we
were going to be thrown in this
global nightmare. The book will,
hopefully, be a help to those
who’ve understood depression
before and help those who
haven’t understand it.”





n between home-
schooling her daughters
Maddie, 17, and Kiki, 12,
Nadia Sawalha, 55, is
using her time indoors “to be
a better person” by tackling
chores she normally wouldn’t

  • like giving her windows
    a good scrub!
    But it quickly became
    apparent how much she relies
    on her window cleaner
    when she took to Instagram
    Stories to ask her followers
    for their help working out
    which coloured cloth was
    for washing them and
    which one was for buffing.
    Using the hashtag,
    she groaned, “Spending
    too much time in the
    house... usually don’t give
    a damn about my dirty
    windows!!” before holding
    up each cloth to the
    camera in confusion.
    But Nadia wasn’t the
    only panellist struggling
    last week. Kaye Adams
    said she “had really high
    hopes of coming out the
    other side” like athlete
    Paula Radcliffe, saying

she thought she’d “use this
corona time to get up to doing
5K really comfortably”. But her
sessions aren’t going well, with
Kaye, 57, admitting she finds
running “f**king murder.” She
added, “I’m hating running
more and more every day. I’m
also pretty sure I’m getting
slower every day. Does
anyone actually enjoy this?”

Her hubby
Lincoln has
supported her

Nadia asked
fans for window
cleaning advice

Kaye, left,
finds running
a struggle
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