(Nancy Kaufman) #1

touch of

Sparkly shift
dress lights up
any room.
The self-tie detail
carves out curves
for a gorgeous
hourglass figure
$85, eShakti
(eShakti.com, “Ombre
Georgette Trapeze
Shift Dress”)

Rose-tinted sunnies
offer UV400 protection
from the sun’s rays
$24, Unique Vintage
“Geometric Ombre Glasses”)

Tiered peasant skirt
features an adjustable
elastic waistband for
all-day comfort
$45, Ambey Craft
(Walmart.com, “Bohemian
Cotton Tiered Crinkled
Skirt Ombre”)

Plush quilted crossbody is
water-repellant to keep essentials
dry, no matter the weather
$88, Knotty (Nordstrom.com,
“Knotty Ombre Purse”)

crystal drop
earrings give skin
a fresh-faced glow
$56, Stella + Ruby
(ShopBop.com, “Stella +
Ruby Graduated Drop

Make your own ombré tote!

T Plain tote
T 2-gallon bucket
T Fabric dye (like Rit All
Purpose Liquid Dye
in Cherr y Red, $ 5,
T Epsom salts

  1. Fill the bucket halfway with hot
    water. Add half the dye’s contents; stir
    in 1 cup of Epsom salts.

  2. Lower^4 ⁄ 5 of the tote bag into the
    bucket; drape the rest over the side.

  3. After 1 minute, pull the bag up an
    inch; let sit 2 minutes. Repeat, moving

Dazzling flats are a great way
to step out in style without
sacrificing comfort
$80, Princess Pumps
“Ombre Glitter

the bag up an inch at a time (each time
letting it soak for a minute longer
than the last) until entire bag is dyed.

  1. Let bag drip-dry over the empty
    bucket; rinse with cold water over
    bucket. Machine-wash alone in
    warm water; dry alone in dryer.

It’s easy with this how-to
courtesy of HiSugarplum.com

Woma n’s World^ 4/13/20 (^13)

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