PlayStation Magazine - 05.2020

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the month in
mouthing off

Watch the spooky reveal trailer here: Scared yet?


begets creativity
and, as Frictional
Games’ creative
director Thomas
Grip tells it, that’s how Amnesia:
The Dark Descent first came to be.
Now the team are going back to
the beginning for an all-new entry
in the series: Rebirth. Grip took
to the PlayStation blog not only to
share the feeling that fuelled the

first game – “Screw innovation!
Let’s just make the scariest game
we possibly can” – but also to
announce that Frictional’s future
frightfest will debut this autumn.
Amnesia: Rebirth follows a new
protagonist, with a fresh setting
and story. Grip was tight-lipped
about the poor soul we’ll be playing
as (and if you’re at all familiar with
how twisty the previous games got,
you’ll know that’s for good reason)
but a short teaser clip suggests
her name is Tasi.
Rebirth will not simply be ‘more
of the same.’ Grip says this project
builds on everything the team
has made previously, but adds “In
horror, repetition is a deadly sin.
You need to keep players on their
toes at all times. We’ve had to twist
expectations, refine old features,
and up the ante on everything
you’ve seen from us.”

Q The trailer features an unanswered radio
transmission. What are we running from?

Watch your step

down memory lane

Frictional returns to its unforgettable horror series

“[The Dark Descent] took off
beyond our wildest dreams.
The game became a byword
for narrative horror [...] Now, a
decade later, we want to return
to those roots,” Grip explains.

Our spines are already
tingling in anticipation
at what awfulness
Frictional is cooking up.

“Shiba Inu is
a treasure.”
Ikumi Nakamura
loved Platinum’s
recent Project
GG reveal.

“Even after
years of
working on it,
I’m still blown
away by the
animation in
Part II.” Stop
teasing us, Neil

“Okami 2...
Viewtiful Joe
3... Dante Vs
Devil May Cry 0...
I want to make
Please email
Capcom.” Hideki
Kamiya asks for
it all at a PAX
East panel.
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