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... Webbox’s Natural tasty, healthy treats. Made from 100 per
cent natural ingredients with no artii cial colours, l avours, or
preservatives, there’s a l avour to tempt the tastebuds of even
the fussiest eater. Choose from cutlets, soothing & bedtime
treats, white i sh, red i sh and skin & coat treats — the latter
containing salmon and linseed. But, our particular favourite is
the naturally low in fat, and rich in calcium, yak cheese bar.
● INSIDE INFO: Costing £2 per pack (£4.99 for the yak
cheese bar), the Natural range is available from Morrisons
supermarkets. Visit http://www.webbox.co.uk for the full Webbox
range of food and treats.

... this tender true story of one woman and
her dog, Wolfy. Both are lost and rescued
by love, which is tested to the limit when
the Lurcher disappears into London’s dark
underbelly, sparking a rescue operation like
no other. As she searches for her shabby
rescue dog, Kate rubs shoulders with other
people’s landscapes and lives, and starts
scrutinising her own.
● INSIDE INFO: ‘Lost Dog: A Love Story’, by Kate Spicer, was
published by Ebury Press on April 4. Available from all good
bookshops, priced at £16.99 (hardback).

... Loopies, a new healthy, low-calorie training
snack from Germany’s leading dog food brand,
Josera. It’s great that they contain less than nine
per cent fat, while each Loopie is under 9kcal, so
perfect for dogs watching their waistlines. These
grain-free meaty treats contain visible chunks
of fruit and vegetables, and come in beef, lamb,
and poultry l avours, with no artii cial colours
or l avourings.
● INSIDE INFO: Loopies cost £2.49 per 150g
bag. Visit http://www.passionateaboutpetfood.co.uk
for stockist info.

... Josera’s Mini range of dog food, aimed
at fussy eaters and small breeds, such as
Dachshunds, French Bulldogs, and Jack
Russells. The German pet food company has
formulated l avours such as duck, salmon and
natural herbs, and lamb, vegetables, herbs
and fruit, from human-grade ingredients at its
carbon-neutral factory. The Mini range comes
in a small-size kibble and features products for
puppies to veterans. Josera has even thought of
grain-free and cereal-free options, too.
● INSIDE INFO: Priced from £5.49 for a 0.9kg
pack. Check out the website (see above.)

Where’s Albi?


he family of an autistic girl, who is struggling to cope after her
special little dog went missing, have stepped up their appeal to
i nd him.
Four-year-old Mollie Matthews can’t understand why terrier X
Poodle Albi has not come home, after being spooked by a German
Shepherd while on a walk in Whiti eld, Kent, in October.
Mollie shared a special bond with her grandmother Sharon
Morton’s two-year-old dog, who is credited with improving her
speech. But since Albi disappeared, Mollie’s progress has stalled,
and she is ‘bewildered’ without her best friend.
In an appeal for information, family friend Alexandra Collins said
that Albi ran of towards a housing estate and, despite a couple of
reported sightings, hasn’t been seen since, and could be anywhere
in the country by now.
“There is nothing quite as sad as a confused child who does
not understand why her greatest pal has gone away,” explained
Alexandra. “It would be so beautiful if these two could be reunited
and a small girl’s heart could be happy once again.”
Mollie’s family have of ered a £5,000 reward to i nd Albi, and
have started a Facebook page, Finding Albi, and Twitter account


Albi went missing on a walk. Little Mollie is lost without him.

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