Cyans Annual Report 2019

(marinoscy71) #1

In addition the level of performance of the KPI 02c: Percentage of application of the severity
classification based on the Risk Analysis Tool (RAT) for ATM Specific Occurrences (ATM) was
as predicted, that is 100%. The target of 2019 was achieved and again ongoing reporting,
analysis, corrective action, follow-up of occurrences and lesson dissemination should continue
in order to maintain the target.
For KPI03 and SPIs 04- 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 there is no target imposed, however these are being

Statistically speaking:
 For SPI 04: Level of Occurrence Reporting an estimate of 83% of the occurrence reports
were reported in 2019.
 For SPI 05: Number of Separation Minima Infringements there were 5 separation
minima infringements in 2019.
 For SPI 06: Number of Runway Incursions there was no runway incursion in 2019.
 For SPI 07: Number of Airspace Infringements there were 144 airspace infringements
in 2019.
 For SPI 08: Number of ATM Specific Occurrences there were 70 ATM Specific
occurrences in 2019.

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