Lost Mine of Phandelver

(Jeff_L) #1


TheRedbrands' basein Phandalin is a dungeon complex
under Tresendar Manor.Before the manor wasruined,
its cellarsserved as safestorage for foodandwater in
the eventthatthe estatewasattacked, while an adjoining
cryptprovided a resting placefor the deceasedmembers
of the Tresendarfamily.TheRedbrands havesince
expanded the cellars to suittheirownpurposes, adding
slavepens, workshops, andbarracks.
If the charactersbegin theirsearch at Tresendar Manor,
theyenter the dungeonin area 1. If theyinstead follow
CarpAlderleaf to the secrettunnel the lad found,they
enter the dungeonby wayof area8.

Thehideout consists of well-built dungeon chambers with
flagstone floors andwalls of dressed stone blocks.The
western endof the complex is lowerthanthe easternend,
withstairs leading downas the charactersexplore.
Ceilings.Passages andchambers are10 feethigh
unless otherwise indicated.
Doors.All doorsare madeof woodwithironhandles,
hinges, andbuilt-inlocks.Theyare unlockedunless the
textstates otherwise. Iarno Albrek (area 12) anda bugbear
named Mosk(area 9) eachcarryan ironkey thatcanlock
or unlockeverydoorin the complex.
A locked doorcanbe pickedwiththieves' toolsanda
successful DC10 Dexterity check.A doorcanalsobe
broken downwitha successful DC 20 Strengthcheck.
SecretDoors.An "S" on the RedbrandHideout map
indicates the locationof a secret door.
Secret doors are madeof stone andblendin withthe
surrounding walls.Spotting a secret doorfroma distance
of no morethan 10 feetwithout activelysearching for it
requires a passiveWisdom (Perception) score of 15 or
higher,whereas a character whotakes the timeto search
the wallcanfindthe secretdoorwitha successful DC 10
Wisdom (Perception) check.Secret doors swingopenon
hiddenironhinges andare not locked.
Light.Mostareas are brightlylit by oil lampsin wall
sconces, refilled everyfewhours as needed.

If the characterscharm or successfully question anyof the
Redbrands, theycanlearnthe location of their hideout under
Tresendar Manor as wellas the following useful information:
Theleader of theRedbrands is a human wizard known as
Glasstaff, so named because his magicstaff is made of glass.
(Only larno Albrekandthe BlackSpider knowGlasstaff's real
name.) Glasstaff's chambers are in the westernendof the
stronghold (seeareas 11 and 12).
A mysterious figure calledthe BlackSpider hashired the
Redbrands to frighten off adventurers and intimidate the
locals, for reasons unknown. TheBlackSpider hassent
bugbears to reinforce theRedbrands and provide extra
muscle (seearea9).

  • Thelowerpartof the complexis guarded by a hideous"eye
    monster" (seearea8).
    TheRedbrands havea handful of captives in a holdingarea
    "near the old crypts," which are guarded by skeletons (see
    areas 4 and5).




Anyexploration of the manorgrounds findsit deserted,
but withplentyof tracksleadingto a stonestaircase just
off the emptyruinof a largekitchen. At the bottom of the
stairs stands an unlocked doorwitha cellar beyond.
When the charactersopenthe door,readthe following:

Thedoor opens onto a five-foot-wide landing fifteen feet
above a large cellar, with stone steps descending to the floor
in twoshort flights. Another door stands beneath the stairs to
thenorth. A largestone cistern occupies the western part of
theroom, whose walls are lined with kegsand barrels.

Thisroom appears to be a largestorage cellar,exactly
the sortof thingonemight expect to findbeneath an
old manor.TheRedbrands want to keeptheirbase
of operationshidden, so other than the barrelsfilled
withfresh provisions, nothing in thisroom givesaway
their presence.
Thebarrels contain salted porkandbeef,flour,sugar,
apples, andale.Movingbarrels around to thoroughly
search them is a noisyactivitythatattracts the attentionof
the Redbrandsin area 2.
Cistern.Thisrectangular reservoir is cleanandfilled
withcold,fresh water.It is 10 feetdeepwitha rim2 feet
higher thanthe surroundingfloor(so thatthe bottom of
the cisternis 8 feetbelowthe floor).Drainpipes fromthe
roofof the old manorabovefill the cisternwithwater.
A waterproof satchel hangs froma submerged rope
attached alongthe southwallof the cistern,about 2
feetbelowthe surfaceof the water.It's not visiblefrom
abovethe water,but canbe foundwitha successful
DC15 Wisdom(Perception) check or automatically by
a character probing the cisternwitha poleor jumping
in. Thesatchel contains some valuable items(seethe
"Treasure" section).
SecretDoor.A secret dooris locatedin the southwest
corner of the room.Seethe "GeneralFeatures" section for
moreinformation on secret doors.

No monsters or villains are foundin thisarea,but the
ruffians in area 2 takenotice if the charactersmakea lot
of noisehere. Theycreep intothe room,gaining surprise
if the charactersdon'thear them(see"Surprise" in the
rulebook). If the ruffians fightin thisareaandtwoare
defeated, the lastruffianmight revealthe secretdoorby
fleeingin thatdirection.

Thesatchel hidden in the cisternis waterproof and
contains a potion of healing,a potion of invisibility, 50
gp, anda clean set of ordinarytravelclothing. Thisis a
getawaykit thatIarno keeps herein caseof an emergency.


Mostof the Redbrands'human members havelodgings in
Phandalin. Thisbarracks is a goodplace to lie lowafter
shaking downlocalminers andfur traders.
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