Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1

A jun 1 or drow pricstei>!. under llvJra's guidance, Ash a
initi:llly considered llvara an example to emulate.
That rhanged after she saw how llvara treated Jor lan
Duskryn, a seasoned drow warrior who was the
comm<lnder's lover up until he was badly wounded.
llvara d1scarded jorlan without a se<~ond thought.
showtng A<>ha the foolishnes~ of expecting any reward
for loyalty.
Asha IS ambitiou~ enough to know she could assume
rommand of the outpOst if anything was to happen to
llvara, hut not couragcou!> enough to challenge her
!>upcnor openly. She also knowc; that <>he would have to
imprcsc; her superiors in the City of piders for any such
fidd promouon to b(•come permanent. As s uch, Asha
moves cautiously. fanning the fires of jorlan's hatred
whill-keeping her own hands clean of any plmling.

Th1s drow elite warrior hal. a~~umed the role of livara·s
lieutenant and lo\er after the InJuries suffered by his
prt·decec,sor.jorlan Duskryn. hoor is relatively young
and qune :~rroganL for n drow male. proud of his abilities
ancl accompli'>hments He i!> Mill flush with his success
m winning tht• favor of llvara a net advancing his position

CUAI"' R I rKISO:-:F.RS 01' Til~ t>kO\\'

The drow are arrogant, cru!l and VICIOUS, v1ewmg their slaves
as httle more than liVestock and treating them w1th cold
d1sregard. Even the lowest drow understands the 1nferiority of
other creatures, behav1ng toward the pnsoners hke sneering
nobility. With their supenors. however. the drow are fawning
sycophants w1th a pass1ve-aggressrve edge. The males defer
to the females, the rank·and-lile warrrors defer to the elite
warrrors, and everyone defers to the prrestess llvara.

Twithin the outpost, which shows in his swagger and
the way he lords it ovtr ever) other male in Velkynvelve.
particularly jorlan. Still insecure in his position. Shoor
fetls the need to demonMrate his sk1ll and effectiveness
to his mistress and to find ways to please her.
As llvara's lieutenant. Shoor carries a wand of viscid
slobs (see appendix B). which once belonged to Jorlan
and is used to capture and restrain prisoners.

Jorlan turned a talent for inflicting pain into s kill as
a warrior, and a certain roguish charm into a way to
ingratiate himself with his femalt superiors. He quickly
made himself useful to llvara Miu:rym as both the field
commander of the Velkynvclve garrison and as her lover.
enjoymg all the benefits that came with both roles.
jorlan thought that Lohh fa\·ored him, or atlt'.ast
that hi<, charms had deflected her malice. unt1l he bad
the misfortune of a run-in with a black pudding on an
otherwise routine raid. llvar:.'s healing magic saved
his life hut couldn'1 undo the terriblt• damage wrought
by the ooze's acid. With his once-handsome face
melted and scarred. and hi!. !>word hand twisted and
missing two fingers,jorlan wa!> no longer the warrior
he once was.
llvara relievedjorlan of duty during his recuperation.
replacing him with the young bravo Shoor Vandree.
When he then took Shoor to her bed,jorlan realized
his recovery would never be <;ufficiem to regain what
he had lost. His heartbreak and loss has since become
a virulent hatred for flvara and Shoor that slowly eats
at him.jorlan finds th~> idea of suicide or reckless self-
destruction beneath him, however unless he can find a
way to take flvara a net her new lover with him.
jorlan knows full well that the :.ympathy the priestess
Asha shows him is an attempt to manipulate him. But
he's willing to play along for the time being. hoping to
draw Asha doser and potentially use her against llvara
when the time is right.
Because of his injurie:,, jorlan has disadvantage
on attack rolls, Dexterity checks. and Dexterity
saving throws.

The remaining drow males garrisoning Velkynvelve
are named Balok. Bemeril. Guldor. llonemmeth.
lmbros.Jaezrcd.je\•an. Kalannar. Malagar.^1 adal.
Nym. and Sorn.
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