Out of the Abyss

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The drow outpost ts located htgh 10 a cavern. builr
100 feet above the rocky floor. The· outpo~t consists
of a ~cric•s of <:>me~ II cave.., 10 tht> ravt>rn walls and four
Mhanging tower-.- hollowed-out '>tnlncttle~ connected
by walkw:~y .... swirs, and rope bridge..,. The towers are
concealed by the thit~k webs of gi:lnt o,pide~ stretched
below thc·m. -;cl that on I} the lowc>rmost parts of the
talactlles are \'l!>tblc-from the cnvern floor.
With the· ..,mall amount of dim light u~ed in the outpost
'htcldt•d from the cavem floor below. one might walk the
entire-lc·ngth of tht' deft without becoming aware of the
outpo..,t OH:rht'ad, hidden in the darkne!>S above the range
of torch e.., and lamems. The ~tiant spiders also serve as
guard~. droppmg down on their web strands to prey upon
cr<·ature<, that lind their way into the cavern. Similarly,
drow w:~rriors ran drop to the cave floor on lines of
!>picler silk to ambush enemies.
Thre-e caves and two hanging towers surroundin g a
platform make up the main part of the outpost for the
drow warriors. The largest of the hanging towers is
rt·~ervt>d for the priestesses and 1 he shri nc of Lolrh,
while the other is a guard tower opposttc the cave used
to hold slaves. \orth oft he c;J<I\'e pen is t h e den of the
outpost's quaggoth servants. Watch post!> lie at either
end of the:' outpost. ncar th<' north<'rn and southern
entrances to the cavern.

~car th<· -.outhern 1>assagt' from the cavern is an alcove
used ns a wntrh post.
Two dro w are stationed bere at all times. keeping
watch owr thf' passage and noting the approach of any
creatures. The duty is long and dull. so th e watchers are
somcumt·-. dhtracted. A successful Dexterity (Stealth)
check made against the guards' passive Wisdom (Per-

rrption) score of ll allows characters to pass unnoticed.

\n} light from the passage or the cavern below automat·
sc:llly draws the guards' attention, however.
The draw guards are under orders to rt'port intruder s
immedintcly. And to keep them under observation. They
rakt> no other action unless ordered or unless they see
-.ign<o of a signsficant threat. In that ralot". they blow
a high. shrill note on a warning trumpt"l to alert the
whole outpost.

    tOOt" •o~eps le-ad from the watch post to a 1-foot·thick
    platform of turkhwood (see -Fungi of the lJndcrdark-
    carlit·r tn this chapter) extending between two of the
    hanging towers nnd into three adjoining ca,·erns.
    The two southemmost caves serve as barracks for the
    rank and file drO\v warriors of the outpost. Si'\ warriors
    dwc·llsn t:aeh barracks. each set up with a pallet, a small
    zurkhwood chest for holding pen.onal po!>~ssions and
    equipment. and a ssde table. Sptdcr ..,slk rope webbing on
    the ca\ern walls is set\ nh hook.., for hanging lanterns
    1nd other items. but the barrark.., art" rarel) lit.
    One dro w is prcsem in rarh of tht' harracks ca\'es at
    .my time. resting in a meditatiw tram·e. A resting drow
    n..,es :u any significant light or noibt>. ready to attack.

The followsng fe~tures apply throughout the outpost.
Light. The mterior sp~ces of the outpo~t are d1mly
1llummated by l~nterns contam10g phosphorescent fungt.
wh fe the extenor IS dark.
Sound. A small waterfall pounng mto the uvern creates
a constant background no1se negaung the cave's tendency
to ampf1fy and carry sounds. Checks m;~de to hear th10gs
10 the c~vern are made normally.
Stotrs. These S·foot·wlde sta~rs are carved 10t0 the stone
s1des of the cavern between several of the cave entrances.
Bridges. Bndges of spider·s1lk rope connect the
walkways to the guard tower and the entrance to the
puestess's tower. The swaymg budges are d1fficult terrain
for non·drow
Foiling. A creature pushed off the st0111rs. a bndge. or the
edge of a platform must attempt a DC 10 De)Ctenty saving
throw. On a fa1lure, the creature falls. land1ng in the webs
stretched beneath the outpost. On a successful save, a
creature grabs hold of the edge and h;~ngs there until it
can climb back up with a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check
made as part of its movement. A failed Strength check
means the creature is unable to move and must check
agam, wh1le failure by 5 or more means a fall to the webs.
Webs. The dense webs of g1ant spiders kept by the drow
conceal the outpost from below. A creature fathng mto the
webs becomes restra1ned. As an act1on. a restratned creature
un attempt a DC 12 Strength check to break free from the
webs. The webs can also be attacked and destroyed (AC 10.
1 S hp per 10-foot section. vulnerability to fire. and immunity
to bludgeonmg, potson. ilnd psych1c damage) Each foot of
movement tn the webs costs 1 extra foot. and any creature
other than a sp1der that enters the webs or starts its turn
there must succeed on a DC 12 Strength or Dextenty check
to ~vo1d becoming restratned. Any movement 10 the webs
attracts the attention of the g1ant sp1ders, which attack and
feed on tripped creatures
A creature fallmg from the webbtng to the cavern Aoor
takes 10d6 bludgeon10g damage.

The-f'quipment of the resting draw is !:>torcd under his
pallet: a shortsword. a hand crossbow with a c:ase of
hand nossbow bolts. a chain bhirt. and a lQQ.foot coil of
silk rope with a small grappling hook at the end.
Each of the six chests in each barracks contains
a flask of drow poison used to treat cros!:>bow bolts
(see -raisons" in chapter 8 of the Dun~eon Master's
GUide). One flask has enough pot-.on to treat 20 bolts.
Each chest also contains two -.ct-. of dothing and
ld4 items from the Trinket!:> table· in c·hapter 5 of the
Player's Handbook.

  1. MAI N HA LL
    Thts cave ser\'es as a gathering and eaung place fort he
    drow warriors of the outpost. It has four circular tables
    caned from turkhwood. each !>urrounded by five chairs.
    Part of the hall1s used as a food pr<.•paration and storage
    area. contain in~ stocks of dri<:'d and fresh fungi. dried
    fruns. cheeses. preserved meat. and a fe" clay jars of
    sptces. A h<'a,·y iron bra71<'r provtdec; heat for cookjng
    along with dim light, but much of the food IS serv·ed cold.
    At any ttmc. there is a 25 percent rhancc that ld
    drow arc in the mau) hall eating or t>nlertaining
    thcmselv<'~ with dice or card games. If any draw a re

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