Out of the Abyss

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The double doors leading to the Zhentarim warehouse
arc made of thick zurkhwood reinforced with iron
bands. A window slit at eye level allows two human
veterans stationed inside the doors to peer out into
the cavern. They will not open the doors to strangers
without Ghazrim DuLce's permission. The doors are
barred from the inside. They have AC 15. 80 hit points.
and a damage threshold of 10. They can also be forced
open with a DC 25 Strength check.
The Zhentarim warehouse contains a dozen iron
storage sheds filled with neatly sorted merchandise.
Two more sheds serve as quarters for Ghazrim DuLce
(a human noble) and his guards. Ten human thugs
(minus any killed in area 7a) are asleep in their bunks
but rise quickly if the warehouse comes under attack.
Lorthuun, a maimed b eholder, also guards the
warehouse. Years ago. Lorthuun got into a terrible fight
with a behir and lost four of its eyestalks. Its spherical
body is also covered with scars from the behir's claws
and breath weapon. Lorthuun has the statistics of
a normal beholder. except that it no longer has its
leep. petrification, disintegration. or death rays. The
beholder's adjusted challenge rating is 9 (5,000 XP).
Ghazrim and Lorthuun both serve the Zhentarim,
but they rarely see eye to eye. They bicker and insult
each other like an old married couple. and only their
dedication to the Black erwork keeps them from
turning against one another.
Born into a wealthy family. Ghazrim has the typically
smarmy demeanor of the Amnian aristocracy coupled
with a biting sense of humor that he uses to diffuse
tense situations. He's not afraid of a good fight but is
averse to attacking a superior force. If he realizes the
characters arc in league with the Black ctwork, he
offers them food, wine, and whatever else they need to
complete their mission (sec "Treasure"").
Ghazrim's Shed. The door to this shed is locked,
and Ghazrim carries the only key. In addition to his
comfortable bed, Ghazrim has a morbid collection of
tiny, malformed creatures in pickle jars on a s helf.
Secret Door. A secret door in the west wall opens
to reveal a wid<· tunnel beyond (area lc). The secret
door makes a lot of noise when opened, alerting the
warehouse's occupanrs.
Storage Sheds. The contents of the twelve storage
sheds are described below:

Shed 1 contains the Zhents' supplies, consisting of
2d10 x 10 pounds of food in the form of dried meats.
plucked chickens. fresh fruit and vegetables, and
loa\'es of baked bread. There are also six casks of
wine worth 50 gp each.
Shed 2 holds ldiO backpacks, 2dl0 bedrolls. 2dl0
blankets. 2d6 climber's kits, and 2d6 healer's kits.
Shed 3 contains 3d6 hooded lanterns, 3d6 flasks of
oil. 3d6 50-foot coils of hempen rope. 3d6 grappling
hooks. and 3d6 tinderboxes.
Shed 4 holds five crates. each one containing ld20 days
of rations.
Shed 5 contains 2d I 0 empty glass bottles, 2d6 scroll
cases, 2d10 copper tankards, 2d 10 iron pots, 2d10
empty sacks, and 2d10 empty waterskins.

GHIIlRI M Ouloc.

Shed 6 holds 2d10 e mpty wooden chests with iron
fittings and 2dl0 locks with keys.
Shed 7 contains 2d6 jars of ink. 3d 12 blank pieces of
parchment. 3d6 boxes of candles (12 candles per box).
and 2d6 ink pens.
Shed 8 holds 3d6 crowbars, 3d6 hammers, and 3d6
miner's picks.
Shed 9 is locked, and Ghazrim DuLce carries the only
key. The lock is also trapped with a poison needle (see
"'Sample Traps·· in chapter 5 of the Dungeon Masters
Guide). The shed contains 250 pp, 1.800 gp, 3.300 sp.
6.000 cp, and thirty 100 gp gems in a loose pile.
S hed 10 contains 3d6 jars of spices worth 10 gp each.
2d6 10-pound sacks of cinnamon worth 20 gp each,
and 3d6 boxes of soap (12 bars of soap per box).
Shed 11 holds four wooden chicken coops. each one
containing ld6 + I live chickens. Sacks of chicken
feed are stored on a shelf above the coops.
Shed 12 is currently empty.
Treasure. Ghazrim carries a key that unlocks shed 9.
He also wears a gold ring fitted with a star ruby (worth
1.000 gp). A detect magic spell reveals that the ~em
radiates a faint aura of divination magic. The gem's
star-shaped core is a magical compass that guides
the ring's wearer along the safest, shortest route to
Graven hollow. Ghazrim is aware of the ring's property
and gives the ring to the characters if they claim to be
headed that way.


If Ghazrim Du Loc dies. characters can remove the
ring from his dead hand and use it to find their way to
If the characters deduce that Kinyel's gem is
responsible for the havoc in Mantoi-Derith and inform

If Lorthuun is killed. ld4 of its eyestalks survive intact.
Should Peebles the svirfneblin happen upon the beholder's
remains, he uses a flint knife to remove the intact
eyestalks, then tucks them in his bag for safe delivery to
Xazaz the Eyemonger (see "Follow·Up Encounters").

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