Out of the Abyss

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This angel covers its eyes with its arm but appears w be
smiling. A character who touches the angel must make a
DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save. terrifying
nightmares haunt tht> character's sleep during his or her
next long rest. The characte r derives no benefits from
that rest and. upon waking, takes 3d6 psychic damage.

This angel kneels on the floor and buries its face in its
arms. A character making contact with the angel hears
a soft voice say in Common ... What would you know?
Ask and I shall answer:· The character must make a
DC 15 Intelligence saving throw. On a failed save. the
character takes 3d6 psychic damage and gains one
level of madness. On a success, the c haracte r can ask
two questions. The angel replies as if the character had
successfully cast the contact ocher plane spell.

This angel claws at its eyes. and its face appears torn
and rent. When a character makes contact with the
angel. it invites the character to ask a single question
concerning a spec·ific goal. event. or activity to occur
within seven days. The angel replies as if the character
had successfully cast the divination spell.


The adventurers can chisel or break off stone feathers
from the angels' wings. One each from six different

angels fulfills the requirements for Vizeran's ritual.
although characters can take more feathers if they want.
Other creatures in the Labyrinth avoid this cavern,
making it a safe place for the party to take a long rest.

Deep within the Labyrinth lies the Maze Engine-a
mechanical, magically powered device capable of
altering reality. Modrons refer to the device as an
Orderer because it was designed is to bring order to
chaos. If the characters activate the Maze Engine. it has
the potential to aid their fight against the demon lords.
The engine looks like a working model of the Great
Wheel (see chapter 2, .. Creating a Multi verse," in the
Dungeon Mascer's Guide). It's a 20 -foot-diameter sphere
built of 1-foot-wide bands of magically hardened and
shaped bronze. engraved with arcane symbols. Gaps
in the bands show various gears and articulation arms
within the sphere. which rotate and shift to represent
the relationships between the various known planes of
Characters might learn about the existence of the
Maze Engine from the beholder Karazikar (see c hapte r
13) or from Vizeran, who has heard rumors about
an ancient reality-altering device. Characters might
also learn about the e ngine from Karazikar's modron
prisoner or from the modrons lost in the Labyrinth (see
"March to Nowhere").
Information about the Maze Engine can also be found
in Gravenhollow (see chapter 11 ). The characters could
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